Las Bossas – Punta del Diablo Logo Design

Las Bossas is a resort made up of 3 beach cabins in a small, fishing village along the Atlantic Coast of Uruguay (South America) called Punta del Diablo. It is a place of outstanding natural beauty that receives thousands of tourists from Uruguay, Argentina, Brasil, Europe, Canada and USA from November to May every year. We created a stunning new tourism logo for this rustic resort with a history!
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Vintage Restaurant Logo Identity Case Study

Le Magasin de Dessert is a dessert only restaurant that offers a variety of delicious and extravagant desserts for customers to enjoy. The mission of Le Magasin de Dessert is to provide customers a new conceptual way to enjoy dessert. The high quality ingredients that are used will ensure customers will appreciate the finer things in life. To help with this mission, Logo Design Works created an awesome looking logo design and brand identity.
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Outsourced IT Logo Design Case Study

In today’s logo design case study, we look at Compsys IT Solutions which is a managed services provider with a full set of enterprise scale/quality services normally found in separate vendors which are all needed and crucial to businesses. Their goal is to become the outsourced IT department for small-mid size businesses primarily but not limited to their local proximity as we can provide over 90% of our service over the internet across the globe.
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Branding A Chocolate Company

Cacao Nature is a chocolate company that creates healthy dark chocolate products by sourcing the highest grade cacao and ensuring the highest quality right from the moment the Cacao bean is carefully planted and cultivated, right up to the moment it is crafted into the delicious chocolates that it sells wholesale and to retail.

By sourcing the ingredients from the origin, Cacao Nature creates a unique blend of authenticity and taste that rivals the best in the world. To help the company brand itself successfully and to match it’s product promise, Cacao Nature approached Logo Design Works. The brief was simple and succinct. We had to create a simple logo that not only worked well on the various packaging but also communicated the right kind of message.
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