Soccer Logos

Soccer logos are very important to create identity and increase awareness. Given the popularity and obsession about this game, having the right logo design is a big image booster as well as potential income stream through merchandising.There are hundreds of soccer logos you find around the globe but there are so many similarities you can find once you know the important facets of this sports logo. Just like any athletics logo, soccer logos should represent pride, boldness, determination, and passion to achieve victory against strong competition. Here are some of the key guidelines in creating your own soccer logos:

Much of the symbols used in soccer logos are reminiscent of the medieval times where each kingdom has its own coat of arms. Classic examples of this symbolism are the badges worn by players of UK?s Manchester United, Newcastle United, Italy?s AC Milan and Juventus. In so many ways, it looks like a shield of an army ready to devour the enemies.

Manchester United Football team logoManchester United Football team logoManchester United Football team logoManchester United Football team logoManchester United Football team logoManchester United Football team logoSince soccer is a very competitive and physical sport, it is very clear these symbols are very fitting. Other teams highlight fierce animals like lions to create an intimidating impression.

Soccer logos are use fierce colors to embody the team?s burning passion for this game. No wonder red and black are considered universal colors. In psychology of colors, red is about war, revolution, anger passion, energy, excitement and heat. On the other hand, black denotes death (in Western Culture), evil, anger, fear, rebellion, and sophistication. Additionally, yellow and blue are also ubiquitous in soccer logos.

There is no room for fancy fonts in soccer logos. Most teams prefer to use simple and even old style typefaces such as serif to go with their medieval looks. Here, simplicity defines beauty.

Remember, soccer logos are all about boldness, simplicity and passion. That?s why your colors, fonts and symbols should strive to embody these characteristics.