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(Based on Mash's $20,000 AYB Strategy)

Why do businesses struggle in the market and fail to attract their ideal customers by droves?

  • Failure to understand who their audience is and how they think
  • Failure to identify the core essence of their brand
  • Failure to craft a compelling and powerful brand story
  • Failure to create a robust and expansive message framework
  • Failure to create a cohesive visual language

To answer these questions, my AYB brand strategy framework has evolved from over 20 years of brand strategy experience, helping founders and companies move away from the Red Ocean and into a profitable Blue Ocean.

This completely FREE 5 Pillar Brand Strategy Blueprint includes:

  • A 50-page PDF guide that outlines the FIVE pillars of creating a winning brand
  • For each of the FIVE pillars, there are THREE primary tasks that have THREE action steps (the 5:3:3 matrix). You can work on one action task a day and it would take you 15 days to create a ROBUST brand strategy!
  • Selection of FIVE videos that explore these FIVE pillars in detail
  • Bonus: Free NOTION workbook of the 5 Pillar Brand Strategy đŸ‘‡


To help you implement this strategy, I created a beautiful and simple Notion workbook that is free to download and use. The Notion workbook has all 5 pillars of my strategy that you can complete as you work through this guide. Once you are done, you get a summary sheet of your entire brand strategy as a one-page blueprint!

How awesome is that! đŸ˜„

This is a scaled down and simplified version of the same strategy that we charge up to $20K at our agency and use to create a robust brand positioning and messaging framework for our strategy consulting clients and help them achieve amazing growth in their businesses.