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Aperioh brand name is a powerful and punchy name that is derived from Latin and means “to uncover, lay bare, reveal, make clear”. There can be a few different brand stories for this name depending on the market sector and business. One of them could capitalize on the “make clear” aspect and work well for any kind of optical or eyes-related products or services and hint at the clarity given by the brand. This can also serve options well. Another brand story could work on the “to uncover, reveal” meanings and work well for any kind of investigation company including financial forensics.
The logo design we created for this brand name and story is strong, powerful, and punchy as befits the name. It shows a cool-looking illustration of a tiger sporting some cool goggles. This could work well for any kind of lifestyle of an apparel company too. The brand identity would really create brand recall and instant recognition.


Options, optical retail outlets, eyewear, sun shades, investigation, detective, financial forensics, lifestyle, clothing and apparel

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