Beautiric Brand Name For Sale



  • Domain –
  • Template Logo Design (see FAQ below)
  • 100% ownership of name and domain
A powerful and elegant brand name that is unique and awesome. It is hard to find a name and domain address like this featuring the word beauty and focusing on the luxury brand service. This brand name is easy to create a brand recall and brand loyalty.
The beautiful logo that is included in the price is very apt for the brand name. It shows an elegant and beautiful iconic peacock bird that represents beauty from ancient times. Rather than the cliche images of faces of women in profile or butterflies, this peacock icon is fresh and unique and gives your logo design a fresh perspective and meaning.


Luxury lifestyle, luxury spa, beauty products, beauty services, beauty luxury services, Hairstylist, Colorist, Nail Professional, Esthetician, Massage Therapist, Barber, Makeup Artist, Salon, Spa Owner.

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