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Blessense brand name is a super interesting and functional name that has several layers of meaning and can work well for different market sectors. Based on the word “bless” and “blessing”, the brand story can be one of the power of blessing and related thoughts. Right off the bat, the first sector this name would work well for is a church or ministry with its direct meaning. Other related sectors can be spiritual healing, missionaries, prayer related, parish, etc. On a more abstract level, this name would work well for any kind of positive service or message-oriented brands including motivation, spiritual advice, therapy, and more. It could also work well for real estate or realtors to indicate blessed homes. Other sectors can be media, advertising, branding, marketing and such.
The logo design we created for this brand name and story is simple and appealing. The logo design shows an abstract house being blessed and secured by a hand. It is a little illustration but also can work well as an iconic logo design.


church, spiritual healing, missionaries, prayer related, parish, motivation, spiritual advice, therapy, media, advertising, branding, marketing, real estate, realtor

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