Brathon Brand Name


Includes: Domain, Template Logo Design (see FAQ below)

A derived brand name, Brathon stands for kingly, regal, noble, glorious, royal, and other such attributes that hint at achievement, leadership, forward movement, and more. Suitable for businesses that help clients achieve greatness in both life and business/career. If you are helping your clients reach targets or scale their business then this brand name is for you.
Brathon is a short and punchy word that sounds powerful with instant recognizability. It rolls off the tongue and sounds familiar while still being unique.
This brand name comes with an awesome-looking logo design of an iconic and illustrative representation of a lion face wearing a crown. This tells the brand story perfectly and signifies the regal nature of the brand along with the strength and power of a lion. The design is modern, fresh and colorful to make your brand look modern and slick.

Suggested Industries

Business consulting, business coaching, business growth, business acceleration, business scaling, business success, hitting targets, sales, marketing

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