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Almost every day we receive at least 3 emails advertising cheap “logo design software”. Ranging from $39 to web-based flash do-it-your-self logo design software that costs as much as $200. This makes me think.

Wow, if people could just buy this software for under 40 bucks and then get their logo designed then there is no place for professionals such as me who have spent the last few years researching and creating professional logo designs for clients from around the world.

The logo design software advertised are nothing more than applications that help you put together pre-built templates or clip art images and lets you add your company name to make it into a “professional logo design”. It is simple, relatively easy and best of all, it is cheap!

The only things these advertisements and the websites selling these logo design software forget to mention are that the designs that are created from these applications are NOT unique. Anyone with $40 in their pocket will have access to the same clipart images that you do. This means that a ton of people and companies can end up having the EXACT same logo design for their company corporate identity.

Secondly they also conveniently forget to mention the fact that the designs produced by this logo-design software cannot be copyrighted nor trademarked. When one applies for a logo design copyright or logo design trademark, they will be rejected by the USCO and USPTO. So when a dispute arises between two companies about the copyright of their logo design, it will boil down to who created the design first using the logo design software.

When you look at the various clipart images bundled along with the logo designer software, you will realize that they are really bad in quality and most of them have some sort of gradient or other drop shadow effect (usually created using software such as Adobe Photoshop), which means the files will be in raster format. This could lead to a nightmare when trying to get the logo printed or made into a sign. They do not scale well and will look really bad when printed or embroidered.

So why do companies such as SpellBrand charge almost $400 to create a company logo design when a customer could buy a logo creation software for as little as $40? The reason I guess is very obvious. A professional logo design company such as SpellBrand has logo designers with years of experience in creating corporate identities.

Creating a winning logo design is not simply about the graphics. Graphics are only 50% of the process. The other 50% involves understanding the company, the industry the company is in an underlying core branding principles and techniques.

Professional logo designers spend hours researching a company, trying to get to know it the best they can. They cross-reference competitor logos to see the current trends so that they can create a logo that can be in tune with the current trends and yet stand out from the competition.

They strive to create UNIQUE designs that will stand up to copyright or trademark registration. They strive to create an identity that the customer will be proud of.
The various things that professional logo designers take into account when creating the designs are:

  • Where will the logo be most used? What kind of medium?
  • What kind of marketing strategy does the company have for the future?
  • Who is the target audience and market?
  • What kind of core identity message does the company have?
  • What is the competition and what are the industry trends?

Based on the above factors and many more that have not been mentioned here, these professional corporate identity creators build from scratch logos that will stand the test of time and are very effective in terms of delivering the core message of the company.

You can expect to have any of the above happenings when you create a logo from a logo software which uses pre-built clipart and template images. Think about it.

Does your business have a logo?

If not, you should be very interested in logo design. Big or small, every company needs a logo. Having a logo not only gives customers a memorable visual image of your company, it shows that you are a professional, established part of the business community. Unfortunately, hiring a graphic designer to design a logo for your company requires an investment. Not only will you have to invest money for design services, you will also need to spend time in the design process. If either of these is not an option for you, you can consider another option: DIY logo design.

Why should you design your own logo? There are several benefits to designing a logo for your company. The most obvious of these is the money saved. Whether you hire locally or find a logo design firm on the internet, talented graphic designers would cost money. While they bring an impressive set of skills to the table, not all business can afford a professional service. With the right tools and a natural talent for it, you could spend some time and effort to try and create a decent logo, which is why do it yourself logo design is popular with one person logo design companies or small companies with no budget.

However, economic savings aren’t the only benefit in store. While a lower cost is the most obvious reason to design your own logo, but it is merely a side benefit. The most important reason to invest time in DIY logo design is that nobody understands your business as well as you do. A logo should express what sets you apart from your competition, and only you can know that. Designing a logo allows you to develop a finished product that you can be proud of, one that gives the exact message you want to share with your community.

Can you design your own logo? Consider the following questions:

Do you have a solid sense of style? That is, are you good at other forms of design, like home decoration logos and drawing? If you cannot grasp basic principles of design in other areas, leave designing a logo to the pros.

Do you have the time? Having a graphic designer create a logo takes time because you must meet with the professional to help them understand your business and your needs. However, DIY logo design also requires time—not just time spent designing a logo, but time spent mastering the computer programs involved and going through a trial-and-error process of learning graphic design basics.

Do you have the resources? You don’t need the fanciest design program on the market to design your own logo, but you will need a computer with a decent graphics card as well as graphics software.

There are many resources available for people who are interested in designing a logo. Not only are there several DIY logo design websites, there are also books at libraries and bookstores that can help you design your own logo. There are also many graphics programs that make this process easier, although many budding designers have been able to design striking logos with everyday programs such as Paint and Photoshop. There is so much information available that this low cost, high-quality option is available to just about anybody who is interested in it.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.