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Design Analysis: Eaimee is a new, unique, sleek and sophisticated Online dating web site. With a mission to change the way online dating works, Eaimee launched a brand new website, an intelligent matching system, safe and secure chat and communication features.

The awesome staff at Eaimee put their heart into making meaningful matches that lead to long-lasting relationships. Their smart profiling matches singles with members based on their search criteria to give singles the best chance of a long and happy relationship.

To help bring this brand to life and make them stand out amongst the crowded online dating website market segment, we created an elegant and stunning logo design. The brand mark is made of an emblem-like icon with a heart at the center fanning out to a wreath. On top of the heart are two engagement rings intertwined. The customized font treatment shows an abstract heart in the letter M. The tagline “Connecting Souls” says it all!


Many wholesale and retail stores today are in competition with each other. There remains such a plethora of places to purchase merchandise that store owners are running out of ways to draw in customers. Many retail establishments have begun selling hi-tech gadgets in order to meet the need for such things. However, these same stores have not followed the trend in the advertising area. Hi-tech logo designs would give these stores a step up in the sales area.

Your hi-tech branding would make a specific statement about your company. You want everyone else to know what it is that you sell. Having a hi-tech design will show your clients that not only do you sell such hi-tech equipment; you know how to use it! If you can use it, it follows that you can maintain it as well. All of this was merely assumed by a logo design which will be one of the smartest investments that a company can make. Today’s customer is looking for more than just a store to run and make a purchase. The current shoppers want customer service along with all purchases. What better way to convey this message than to show your respectability with a Hitech identity.

Excellent Customers frequently associate the enhanced quality in the advertising of the company with the product. If this is the case, you have the ability to move your inventory up to a higher level in the customers’ minds without changing anything. You will simply add a well-crafted logo. Naturally, you will follow up on great service so that everyone ends up happy and is willing to tell others. Eventually, that logo design becomes a household word and you are working more than ever.

The visual impact of a Hitech brand is so tangible that it can be measured. There have been studies done to show that when it comes to name recognition, customers will remember unique names more than 90% of the time. This translates into a lot of name recall for stores that may not have ever been remembered if they had not had a logo produced specifically for themselves. What exactly are you waiting for?



Information Technology is the business of the future. With businesses and private households turning more and more to digital solutions for every problem, people are definitely on the lookout for the next big technological development. This means that IT Logos have a high chance of success—if they have imagery and messages that encourage customers to give them a try.

What does this mean for you? It means that if your logo design isn’t working, your business, however well-thought-out, may end up another dismal statistic. Conversely, if your business isn’t working despite talent and good marketing, you may want to consider looking at new logos to give you the chance you deserve.

What makes an IT logo successful? First and foremost, it should communicate the line of business that you are in. There are several ways to accomplish this. You can include images associated with IT, such as computers and compact discs. On the other hand, many people have had success using logos that feature shapes instead of images. Squares and cubes are often used in IT logos because they are solid and straightforward, which is how most people want their business technology to be. Because these are also the shapes of many devices, such as computer hard drives, many people associate the square and the cube with the IT business.

Triangles are another good choice for IT logos. Not only are they the strongest shape in geometry, but they also are the shape of pyramids, mountains, and other structures that are strong and timeless. If you want to portray your business as an established leader in your industry, there is a good reason to consider a triangular-shaped logo.

Color is a powerful factor when choosing IT logos. Many companies choose to use bright colors because they are eye-catching. If you choose an elementary palette, similar to that used by Google, your company will come across as fun and childlike. On the other hand, any color scheme including simple black and white can be very successful if it is reflective of your business’s brand.

As you can see, there are no rules when it comes to IT branding. You are free to choose from a variety of shapes, images, and color palettes. The very mood of your logo design will be exactly what you want. This is the advantage that comes from having a professional designer create a personalized logo for you. Your identity will be one that is custom designed and perfect for your company. This will give your company an advantage that a homemade or stock image can never give you.

Are you ready to lead your business on the next step toward success? If so, contact a qualified logo designer today and find out how a professional logo can change your business’s future.