Almvghty Clothing Label Branding

Almvghty Clothing Line

Tampa, Florida

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Almvghty is a clothing line that expresses high-quality street wear. The term almighty refers to having great power and influence.

Almvghty expresses powerful and elite clothing that people can wear comfortably and with confidence. Almvghty is influenced by Greek culture and it expresses mythological references in some pieces. For example, a baseball jersey might have the name “Hercules” on the back, referring to the almighty greek god. Almighty refers to omnipotence and preeminence. It also refers to God, and God is omniscient.

almighty branding
almighty branding
almighty branding
almighty branding

After some in-depth research into the target market and the brand core essence, we presented the client with a variety of design directions. The client chose the upside-down triangle with a dot in the center.

In Greek culture, a triangle represents balance, wisdom, and also deity. The triangle also represents a gateway or a “symbolic doorway.” The dot in the middle of the triangle represents the “eye.” This refers to the all-seeing eye that represents an inner seeing and expresses further knowledge. The universal symbol of the triangle with the eye in it represents the client’s vision. It is a mysterious symbol, and that’s relevant to many of the pieces the client designs which are intricate, discrete, and unique.

In other words, you will have to look at each design twice before you actually understand what it is trying to display. That is why there is a “v” with a dot in the middle instead of an “i” in almighty.