Braden International Realty Branding

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Hong Kong, London, Dubai

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Braden International Realty is a premium realt estate firm with it’s base in New York and offices in London, Tokyo, Dubai, Hong Kong and Mumbai.

Braden deals with high priced luxury real estate starting from around $2 Million and up. The most expensive property brokered by Braden was $28 Million in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

braden realty branding
braden realty branding
braden realty branding
braden realty branding
braden realty branding
Braden International Realty Branding
braden realty branding
braden realty branding

Brand Strategy

Braden Realty was established in 1993 and after 20 years decided it was time to rebrand itself. Since 1993, Braden had grown from a small corner office to a global real estate firm dealing with properties worth millions of dollars and some high profile celebrity clients. Braden wanted a brand identity that reflected their status and bode well with their high profile clientele.Branden approached Spellbrand with one simple mission: create an identity that looked premium, luxurious and powerful. Simple mission but a tough challenge due to the diverse nature of it’s target market as well as it’s global geographic coverage. To create an identity that worked well in multiple continents and connect with clients in various cultures is quite a feat.

Luckily, our Creative Director, Mash Bonigala is a dedicated traveller (having visited more than 150 cities in over 30 countries around the world), and he brought this exposure and experience to the table. Having worked with numerous local and international real estate companies and creating logos and identities for them, Mash and his team invested over 200 man hours researching and brainstorming design ideas, icons, color palettes and themes.

Armed with the experience of working dozens of real estate companies since 1998, we spent days researching the various locations and the target markets that Braden operated in. We built a highly granular client profile for each location and then tried to derive at commonalities that would give us an anchor to communicate with all them with a single and unified visual message.

After some serious brainstorming sessions, our team came up with a few different design directions that involved an iconographic brand mark approach around the letter B. The idea was to develop a design that did not have any “real estate” based imagery while at the same time be bold and eye catchy. We decided to go for a “dark” color theme to bring in some premium visual cues.

When the client was shown the initial design directions, they immediately picked up the design you see on this page as the direction they wanted to go with. The B icon is premium and high end looking and the overall design exudes luxury. Deciding to go with black background for the logo as well as the rest of the brand language was a great idea.

To spice up the visual landscape of the brand, we introduced a touch of gold that was then used strategically on the various touch points. The end result, as you can see, is a logo design and brand identity that fits the company like a glove, creates the right kind of impression and communicated the core message of Braden International Realty in an elegant and premium way.

We also created an exhaustive brand usage guidelines document for the client that included logo spacing, color and layout, sizing and typography guidelines.