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Brystra Insurance Services

Multiple States, USA

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A broker service for clients ranging from individuals to mid-cap corporations in multiple states within the US, Brystra works on meeting the insurance and risk-based needs.

They advise their clients on the risk, the situation in the marketplace, and the correct or best solutions. They also find the right products regardless of the insurance company and make sure it fits the consumers budget based on their needs and continue to service the life of the contract.

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insurance company logo
insurance company logo retina mw mui sg mbgschlms tatmn ifprxuwo re c
insurance company logo

Brand Strategy: For individuals, this could be as simple as finding them a health insurance plan with the doctors they want in the network to saving for a college fund using an insurance product layered with other financial tools. For corporations, this can range from Affordable Care Act benefits advisory services, implementation, administration, and rate negotiation to Buy Sell agreements between owners, deferred compensation plans, liability protection, workers compensation, etc.

Through partnerships across Canada and the US, they have the ability to place almost any type of coverage. Example: They don’t write auto or homeowners policies but have a relationship with a firm that does, whom they trust to assist to place that coverage and act as a partner with their clients.

Being a young entrepreneur in an industry dominated old established firms, the client felt a sense of trying to bring new strategies and ideas to the table and evolve faster than their competition while also having to work harder to show their experience and gain trust given their perceived lack of years in the industry.

People don’t come to Brystra for fun or lighthearted conversation, they come to them for serious conversations that can have big and potentially financially devastating consequences for errors. They treat every client the same – from the one that earns then $2 a month on a low-end dental plan to the executive that brings them $70,000.

So the fundamental strategy for this client was down to heritage-based positioning. We had to create a brand identity that looks and felt solid and hinted at the professional and robust nature of the expertise Brystra brings to the table. We also considered hinting at a “Client Intimacy” based value proposition. You can find out more about the different types of value propositions on this page.

Brand Solution: To enable us to leverage heritage-based brand strategy, we decided to explore crest-based logo designs and direction that involved heraldic lions, shields, and ribbons. From the various design directions we presented to the client, they chose the final one seen on this page.

This insurance logo design shows a crest-based logo with a shield in the center and two heraldic lions flanking the shield on either side. In the center of the shield is the letter “B”. The two lions hold up the shield and on top, we have three diamond shapes that form an abstract crown. Below the brand mark is the word “Brystra” in awesome font treatment and below that is the tagline “Insurance Services”.