Chronos Whisky Branding

Chronos Whisky

Miami, Florida

Services Rendered
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Brand Naming
  • Whisky Bottle Design
  • Package Design
  • Final Source Files
  • Brand Style Guide

An apt name for a fine whisky that is timeless! And Chronos Whisky Branding to match the theme!

The talented brand naming team at SpellBrand came up with an awesome name that really ties in with the brand story – Chronos – the Greek god of time and a matching brand mark, identity, bottle design and package design.

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whisky branding
Chronos Whisky Branding
whisky branding
whisky branding
whisky branding

When a traditional Whisky house wanted to launch a new blend of whisky, they scoured the length and breadth of Scotland to find a distillery that they could work with. A whisky is defined by the heritage of the distillery and the talent and experience of the master blender.

However, to market a whisky effectively in the highly competitive whisky marketplace, the client needed an identity and branding that would create the kind of timeless connection that their product is all about. They wanted to tell the story of timeless pleasures of the finest scotch whisky and needed a name to create the right impact. That is when they came to SpellBrand.


The brand identity is in two parts. The logo itself had two different avatars depending on where it is being used. Unlike regular branding, when you are dealing with products like Whisky, a central logo is not really required or effective. The title itself acts as the primary brand mark with a secondary brand mark that is used as a supportive element – in this case, the crown and signature.

The look and feel of the bottle label and the carton packaging are all about luxury. With gold hues overlapped with red and burgundy tints, the whole advert, marketing materials, and other visual touchpoints create a sumptuous look and feel. Although the brand is young, the image creates a look of an established brand and the packaging is sure to turn heads on the shelf.

Creating a luxury brand goes beyond just the logo or colors. It is about the overall mood which has to be communicated effectively. Print adverts, brochures, flyers, look-books, etc all have to be designed with this message in mind. The target audience and their preferences are quite critical in this kind of branding exercise.