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Fortress is afinancing, loans and credit company provides financing and advancing short term and long term loans and credits to individuals, companies or association of individuals.

The client wanted a finance logo that was High Tech, Abstract/Artistic, and was also Clean/Simplistic. They wanted a combination of text and symbol/design that communicated trust, professionalism, robustness, safety, security, and care.

finance company branding

To communicate, all these messages in a single logo icon can be quite difficult and the cardinal rule of any brand mark should be simplicity.

So the talented branding team at SpellBrand distilled all the attributes of the message into a single focal point – one of care and trust.

This was visualized into an icon that depicted an abstract pair of hands cupping. The negative space between the abstract hands is where the customers will be – in a caring and safe pair of hands.

The result is a stunning logo design that was then extended to the business card design, letterhead, and envelope design too.

When you look at the financing industry, it can be seriously tough to separate yourself from the crowd. There are tons of other brands with similar loan and credit products as your company. When a consumer starts exploring the market to figure out which financing company to go with, you want to be sure that your name stands above the crowd.

That’s exactly what we did with Fortress Financial Solutions, a financing company based out of Los Angeles. This client of ours wanted a finance logo that included these specifications:

  • A logo that showed off the high-tech nature of their services.
  • Something that was a bit abstract and artistic to catch eyes.
  • The logo shouldn’t be too complex, but rather clean and simplistic.
  • It should be a combination of both text and a great design.

The main attributes that this client of ours wanted to portray with their logo were trust, professionalism, robustness, safety, security, and care. These are the characteristics that Fortress believes sets their brand apart from the rest of the financing companies out there. However, think about how tough it is to combine all of those attributes and specifications into one single design. A great logo is one that’s simple, clean, and easy to understand, so we definitely had a lot of work on our hands with this one.

Of course, it would be impossible to separately include each of the attributes into the final logo. That’s why our talented branding team at SpellBrand spent some time thinking about each of these attributes. What do professionalism and safety have in common? If your brand is in the finance industry and has these characteristics, then that means you truly care about your customers and want them to trust you with their money.

So that’s the single focal point we came to – a message of care and trust.

That’s when the design process really came to a start. Our branding team came up with a logo that depicted an abstract pair of hands cupping. There’s white space between the pair of “hands”, which sends the message that there’s where the customer is. The customer is held in a caring and safe pair of hands – AKA Fortress. When you look at this logo we created, you not only can see the message we wanted to portray. You can see that this is an abstract, clean, high-tech, and simplistic design – exactly what the client wanted from us.

This stunning logo design isn’t just used on their website, either! They have extended it onto their business cards, their letterheads, and envelopes too. This logo is so simple and clean that it can easily be transferred to work with any type of marketing or business material.