Isaac Petit Frere Caricature Branding

Isaac Petit-Frere

San Fransisco, CA

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  • Brand Strategy
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Isaac Petit-Frere a young pastor looking to do a something different in terms of his ministry branding. He came to Spellbrand.

Isaac wanted a caricature branding that would have a stained glass, mosaic image of his face (resembling a church stained glass window). He wanted more of a caricature type of look that would emphasize certain features (beard, bald head, glasses) but not in a cartoony way. The client wanted this logo in media, business cards, stationary, etc. so it would be nice if it transcended entertainment (captivating and business professional).


Brand Strategy

A challenging task – to create a caricature in the stained glass style and relate to a ministry. But at SpellBrand, we thrive on challenges and this was an exciting project. We started off with the reference photos given to us by the client and started sketching out the face with pencil. We wanted to establish the core features of the face which can then be used as anchors in constructing the stained glass illustration.After sketching in pencil, we then scanned the results into Adobe Illustrator and started creating triangular shapes that would all come together to create the face. The stained glass effect is understated yet effective giving this client a brand that is unique, impactful and beautiful.Additional Ideas: We also created some some Andy Warhol style designs for the client as secondary brand marks that can be used in different social media contexts. This enables the client to have a powerful personal brand that can help enhance his image.