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Lumber Beer

New York, NY

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Lumber Beer is one of the oldest beers in the USA but little is known about it because it has always been a private label brewed for a private membership.

It was never put in stores and never sold in public. It was a myth that was passed from generation to generation of lumberjacks. Over the years, it became rare and finally died out but people kept talking about it. After over 200 years, this brand is being revived and requires a new logo and branding.

lumber beer logo branding
lumber beer logo branding
lumber beer logo branding
lumber beer logo branding
lumber beer logo branding
lumber beer logo branding

When the client wanted to launch their own brand of specialist beers, they decided to look for a historic label that they can buy and restart and spent over 2 years investigating the history of this brand and the myth. Finally, they managed to track down the descendants of the original label and bought the rights to Lumber Beer.

With a history like this and the age of the brand, we decided to create a vintage brand mark that was handcrafted and drawn including the typography and all. We decided to focus on illustrating an old lumberjack as the hero of the brand mark.

After researching and sketching several illustrations of old men with beards, we got one that suited the story and the brand perfectly. It shows an old lumberjack with a cold cap on his head, a full white beard, sunken eyes, and a pipe in his mouth. The expression of this old lumberjack is one of seriousness, confidence, and peace. Behind the head, we draw two axes crossing and framing the face. On the top is the word “Lumber” and below the head is an old vintage ribbon with the word “Beer”. On either side of the head, we put the words “Est. 1872”.

The result is an emblem that looks authentic and connects with the history of the brand. The emblem works well on cards, t-shirts, and their unique-looking beer bottles. We have worked with a similar brewery with history fairly recently.