Minamoru Clothing Label Branding

Minamoru Clothing Label


Services Rendered
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • T-shirt Design
  • Final Source Files
  • Brand Style Guide

Minamoru is a unique clothing brand with a passion and vision that is not usually found in most clothing labels that are launched every year in the US or the UK.

Based on the concepts of chivalry, rebellion, old-world charm and grace, history, and the legacy of the bygone eras, Minamoru markets itself as a clothing label that talks to individuals with strong personalities, opinions, and a respect for the bygone days. When Minamoru wanted an iconic and powerful logo, they came to SpellBrand.

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minamoru illustration mw muj mmv wn qzc elrkrf ilq ti zk hgpzw

Actually, the original name the client wanted to use was different and we started off on a direction that focused on the core of the brand, as we always do. So when the client came back in the middle of the process with a name change, we did not have to restart the process since our discovery phase was focused on the brand story, vision, and philosophy of the label rather than the immediate launch lines or product bases.

The idea was to create an illustration of a phoenix to represent the core essence of the company which was a “resurrection of the style and charm from days past”.

But this illustration had to have an attitude and edge to it. The result is a striking image of a phoenix in full frontal layout with a serious and piercing look while in flight and at the moment it is about to land on a perch. The colors also had significance to the client with a whole backstory to that. Hidden amongst the feathers is a word that is close to the client’s heart and the letter M.

You will have to wait and buy Minamoru clothes to know what that word is!