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When Poshlum contacted SpellBrand to help them create a premium luxury clothing brand, we were excited at the prospect.

We specialize in helping fashion and clothing labels launch maximize their brand assets and connect with their target markets and working with a luxury client was an exciting prospect.

poshlum branding
Poshlum Premium Clothing Brand
poshlum branding
poshlum branding

Brand Strategy

Working with the US Army and creating a logo design that would be worn by these brave men and women in combat was a huge responsibility that we did not take lightly. We created a special task force at SpellBrand to work on this project headed by Brand Strategist, Mash Bonigala who already had some experience working with the US Army and the FBI (US Marshals). We spent over a week interviewing the client, researching, brainstorming and sketching before we came up with the initial designs that below the client away.

Each of the designs focused on the Apache helicopter icon as the central point. The winning design had a medieval knight’s helmet to indicate that the men and women of the 935th ASB unit were modern knights helping protect our country. We used a shield like shape that is common to most military patches with the words D3B and 935th ASB on top and bottom.

For more examples of military and army logos that we have created, please visit Military Logos.

poshlum branding