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Brightest Minds selects and employs only the best candidates in the aerospace, offshore, and high-tech industries.

These are mostly engineering personnel who are scientific, professional, highly educated, and who have a great authority in their specific field of work. Their entire aim is to accelerate innovation for customers by providing them access to the brightest engineering minds possible – hence the brand’s name.

recruiting agency brand identity
recruiting agency brand identity
recruiting agency brand identity
recruiting agency brand identity
recruiting agency brand identity
recruiting agency brand identity
recruiting agency brand identity
recruiting agency brand identity
recruitment agency website design
recruiting agency brand identity

As a recruiting agency, you know better than anyone that the recruiting industry is one that’s hyper-competitive and absolutely filled with other brands offering similar services to you. In crowded marketplaces like these, it can be pretty tough for you to set yourself apart from the competition. However, the fact that about 65% of HR professionals see that talent shortages are a major obstacle when looking to hire candidates means that the market is wide-open for business. As a recruitment agency, you have a unique opportunity to take advantage of this fact and provide top-notch candidates for your customers.

However, the fact of the matter is that with such a crowded marketplace, you’re going to be fighting with other competitors for the attention of potential customers. Your marketing strategy has got to be on point if you want to make that happen. Here are some of the main ways that recruitment agencies can prop their brand up and ensure customers find you first:

  • You should be taking your blog content to the next level. Most of the times, the blogs of recruitment agencies or their posts on LinkedIn just touch the service of content. There is so much more high-quality blog entries that your company could be doing to engage with consumers and spark their interest.
  • Your recruitment agency should definitely be working on your social media presence. If you’re going to be engaging with potential customers, your work has got to be on Instagram, Facebook, and especially, LinkedIn. Sharing content on LinkedIn and engaging with potential customers is a great way to build up your customer base.
  • Of course, your marketing materials need to be spot on. The main aspect of this is creating a high-quality logo that stands out from the crowd. This is something that you can include on all of your online and physical marketing materials.

That last point is what really interested Brightest Minds to stop by and speak with our branding team at SpellBrand.

And for such an excellent recruitment agency to get the attention that they deserve, our branding team came up with a logo that sets them apart. The team over at Brightest Minds really preferred a logo design that was more abstract than anything else. So, our team combined that request with the characteristics that best describe Brightest Minds: professional, technological, advanced, expertise, and great customer service. The result is a great logo that includes both the text name of the brand and an abstract logo that best shows these characteristics. When you take a look at this logo, you know that you’re working with the real deal.