Stylesbrough London Brand Identity

Stylesbrough London

London, UK

Services Rendered
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Clothing Label Design
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Unique Brand Name
  • Final Source Files
  • Brand Style Guide

Femi embarked on a mission to create an online fashion retail store focused on serving the fashion Hungry 23–45 yrs olds who are value-conscious through non-mainstream brands.

London fashion scene is rapidly evolving with many young designers coming out with designer wear that is truly astounding. One such fashion designer is Femi. His designs and collections target individuals who want to look trendy and fashionable but different by wearing logos/brands that are not common, everywhere, or easy to find.

stylesbrough brand identity
stylesbrough brand identity
stylesbrough brand identity
stylesbrough brand identity
stylesbrough brand identity
Stylesbrough London Brand Identity

Brand Strategy: Femi’s ideal customer is 23-45 yrs old male or female, has a job, enjoys using social media tools, and likes to look trendy but different. He or she doesn’t want to wear what others wear, is usually college-educated, typically likes to travel, is middle-class, and values quality/durability-though price/value-conscious.

To penetrate this market segment in London, Femi engaged SpellBrand to come up with a great brand name, a strategy to position the brand effectively in the London fashion scene, and a matching brand identity that will set him apart and at the same time tie in with English heritage.

After weeks of research and brainstorming, the positioning strategy team at SpellBrand, led by the inimitable strategist, Mash, came up with a positioning strategy that uses content marketing to reach, engage and nurture the primary target audience and build relationships. A great brand name was developed that not only sounds British but also has a brand recall effect. Stylesbrough means “land of style” and is an apt brand name for this spirited young brand.

Brand Identity: To compliment the awesome brand name and the strategy we had crafted, the logo design team at SpellBrand created a logo that looks stunning and ties in beautifully with English heritage, fashion, and elegance. The main brand mark is crest style based on a beautiful ornamental crest made up of thin lines and dots. Inside the crest is an “X” mark which houses four elements – a simple and impactful crown, the words Est. 2014 and the letter “S”.

The London brand identity looks light and airy and brands beautifully on various items such as bags, tags, stationery, and other merchandising. The brand mark ends this new brand’s instant credibility and impact.