Unusual Landscapes Photography Logo Design

Mathew James Smith

London, UK

Services Rendered
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Package Design
  • Final Source Files
  • Brand Style Guide

Mathew James Smith is a wizard of Unusual Landscapes. He creates high quality, unique imagery for galleries and magazines.

Based out of London, he is a landscape photographer and travels the globe each year to different places and continues to make the type of photograph that he hopes will intrigue people.

urban landscapes photography branding

MJS is very passionate about making a dent in the world of photographyand to help people see what he does as more of fine art, rather than just photography. Mathew wants there to be a mystery to his images and unanswered questions that intrigue people to come back and look again. He wants these images to feel like they come from a different time and place.

Matthew is competing with some of the best photographers in the world and he wanted an awesome logo that was magical with a timeless, soulful and mysterious look. He wanted an icon that was stamp like or perhaps something that hints at the old English culture in London at the turn of the century.

We created an icon of a lantern used for public lighting on the streets of London which truly represents the kind of romance that the client wanted his brand to be associated with. This icon connects directly to the visual storytelling aspect of the client’s positioning strategy.

urban landscapes photography branding
photo book
photo book
photo book
photo book

The brand is extended on this photo book/magazine design which uses a bold yellow color as the primary design element and creates a stark contrast to the black and white photos. This is a great publicity piece. Designers usually tend to clutter photobooks or magazines with lots of text and design elements. But the best visual strategy is to go for simplicity coupled with bold and striking design elements or colors.