Vintage Restaurant Branding & Card Design

Le Magasin de Dessert



Paris, France

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Le Magasin de Dessert is a dessert only restaurant that offers a variety of delicious and extravagant desserts for customers to enjoy.

The mission of Le Magasin de Dessert is to provide customers a new conceptual way to enjoy dessert. The high quality ingredients that are used will ensure customers will appreciate the finer things in life. To help with this mission, SpellBrand created an awesome looking logo design and brand identity.

le magasin
le magasin
le magasin
Vintage Restaurant Logo Design
le magasin
le magasin

Brand Strategy

The exceptional customer service and extravagant atmosphere in the Le Magasin restaurant will allow customers to experience what their slogan says, “a sweet taste of heaven”. Le Magasin de Dessert will also be referred to as LMD for customers who don’t want to say the entire name of the restaurant and to provide a catchy phrase for customers.

The client was looking for a elegant logo design for their restaurant. A design that’s not only elegant, but attractive and creative. They also wanted to have a vintage look to the logo which would remind patrons of the good old days of delightful desserts and extravagant indulgence of all things sweet of the 50s and 60s.

So, the SpellBrand team set to work researching the diners and dessert restaurants of the 50s era to find the elements that can be incorporated into a modern design and still look vintage. We then drew up several logo design concepts with LMD as an elegant script and with ornamental treatment and embellishments. The client picked the final design you see on this page and with just a few tweaks the final logo design was ready!

Creating ornate and vintage looking logo designs is quite a challenging prospect. Everything from the colors you chose to the fonts that fit the brand have to picked with great care ensuring that the overall look sits well with the brand spirit. Often you find designers creating vintage logos just for the sake of it. This is not followed through to the rest of the branding and hence you find a disconnect between the various elements of the brand and the logo just seems to be plucked from elsewhere and dropped into the context.

Understanding and reading about the vintage era is paramount to makings sure that the vintage elements are applied judiciously to the brand identity. Becoming aware of the design sensibilities of the bygone era and what kind of message it communicated to the current markets is quite critical for a successful vintage design. We recently created a chocolate brand logo which has elements of the vintage design style. If you read the case study you will see how we tried to balance vintage with modern design in that project.