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Most sports teams are known not by their stats, but by their team mascot. Sports team mascots are crucial to a team’s success because the mascot can be a crucial piece of the team brand. An effective sports team mascot will create an increase in team morale, fan pride, and product sales. A less professional dessign will make the team seem less legitimate. The first step to team building is building a mascot the team can be proud, and the first step to that goal is to hire a sports mascot design professional with a proven mascot design samples portfolio.

A graphic design professional with experience in sports team mascot creation will be able to design a mascot that you and your team can wear with pride for decades to come. The graphic designer will consult with you to find out exactly what makes your team special. Then, they will transform that unique personality into a sports team mascot that perfectly represents your team’s values and mission. Most people who hire a graphic design artist are surprised at the high quality and simplicity of the finished product. These professionals are very good at putting abstract ideas into a tangible form.

Universities in particular need to have a strong sports team mascot. We created such a mascot logo for the Simson University Sports Team. The team later communicated to us that the advent of the new team mascot had actually boosted their performance. Here are a few pictures of the sports mascot in action.

Once you have a sports team mascot that expresses your team’s identity, your next objective is to get that image out in the public as much as possible. Every piece of paper that leaves your offices should have the sports team mascot on it, from game schedules to sticky notes. Signage, bumper stickers, and decals all must have the mascot as well. Even your uniforms should proudly display the design. By making your new mascot as ubiquitous as possible, you will ensure that it is linked to your team in the heads and hearts of your fans and your community.

The most important piece of merchandise to feature your sports team mascot will be logo shirts and other logo apparel. Logo apparel is a win-win situation for every team. First, you make money from the licensing and sales of these products. Second, they provide no-cost advertising for your team. After all, every person who wears one of those logo shirts in public will be interacting with others. Last, it builds support for your team. The more that your fans feel like a community, the more people will want to join them in supporting you. The larger your fan base, the better your team will play and the more opportunities they will have. Mascot t-shirts and other mascot apparel are crucial to the success of a team, which is why no professional sports team would ever be without them.

There are a variety of reasons to have a good mascot. It makes you a more concrete entity to fans and members of your community. It allows you to infuse the team with personality and purpose. Having a mascot and a high level of branding also improves team morale, giving your players something to rally around when they are feeling discouraged or exhausted. Sports logo design forces you to transition from a ragtag group of individuals to a cohesive whole. This alone can change the course of your team’s future.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.