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Company Logos with Power: The Top Ten Fuel and Energy Industry Logos

Gas stations tend to be clustered in the same area and to offer the exact same product at a price that differs by just pennies. Because of this, many people choose their gas station based on either brand loyalty or random whim. However, both of these elements are based on one very powerful principle: branding. Gas stations and other fuel companies know the importance of branding, as shown by these ten powerful energy company logos.

1. Chevron Logo Design

Chevron Logo Design
This fuel giant has a logo that is recognizable and also uses several subconscious indicators of reliability. First, the sign is in the shape of a shield, which is a symbol of safety and reliability, as well as history. It also uses the ‘V’ pattern known as the chevron, which ties into the company name. The red, white, and blue color scheme portrays the country where this company does most of its business, while the black letters are serious and appropriate for a no-frills industry. Chevron shows the importance of having company logos that tie in both to your name and your demographic.


2. Sunoco Logo Design

Sunoco Logo Design
Sunoco is a good example of fuel company logos that use bright colors and a sense of speedy movement to draw customers in. The bright color palette of the logo is similar to another industry known for speedy service, fast food. The letters are surrounded by carefully drawn lines that make them appear to be moving, while the arrow interjecting the logo also connoted movement and speed. The message is that this is a gas station that you can get in and out of quickly, an important thing to relate to hurried travelers.


3. Arco Logo Design

Arco Logo Design
This gasoline chain uses a logo that has the patriotic color scheme seen in other fuel companies along with a few less used icons. The diamond, a symbol of wealth, is significant here because Arco is known for being one of the cheapest gas companies, allowing customers to keep their wealth. The diamond is made of four small triangles, which generally represent strength. Because of the way the triangles are oriented, a shape is formed by the negative space in the middle of them that could be interpreted either as a cross, a symbol of health and safety, or a shining sun, which suggests energy and light. Either way, Arco is a good example of company logos that are simple and memorable but nonetheless powerful and expressive.


4. British Petroleum Logo Design

British Petroleum Logo Design
Bp, as the company is commonly known, is trying to be a forerunner in the age of alternative energy, and the logo expresses this in a simple, modern way. This logo, like many environmentally oriented company logos, uses the color green. The shape can be taken either as a flower blooming, to suggest healthy growth, or the sun, which symbolizes energy and also is the focus of many popular alternative energy technologies. A mosaic pattern, which is very trendy in logo design right now, makes the BP logo feel more modern than those used by most of their competitors.


5. ConocoPhillips Logo Design

ConocoPhillips Logo Design
This fuel conglomerate includes many smaller companies that collectively make up one of the world’s largest and most diverse energy companies. The logo of ConocoPhillips does a good job of portraying this weightiness. The lettering is solid, thick, and black, giving a serious image. However, the letters are rounded slightly, something that is often seen in friendlier company logos. An abstract red shape gives the logo a splash of color and appears to be moving through the air, an excellent choice for a company that aims to help customers get from point A to point B as easily as possible.


6. Exxon Logo Design

Exxon Logo Design
Exxon is the grandchild of the oil company started by Rockefeller, and the logo is believed to have a hidden reference to this famous man. The logo appears to be straightforward and very similar to other fuel company logos, with a familiar patriotic color scheme, black lettering, and a rectangular shape that is serious and straightforward. However, the two x’s are intertwined in a way that, when tilted 45 degrees, forms the Cross of Lorraine, a Masonic symbol that held importance to the freemason founder.


7. Pennzoil Logo Design

Pennzoil Logo Design
This oil company uses a different patriotic symbol than many of the red, white, and blue company logos we have been looking at. The logo is in a bright yellow and red color scheme that stands out in a crowd. Rather than showing their serious side with a square, Pennzoil uses an inclusive circle. The lettering is bold and black, but the central graphic is a Liberty Bell, a symbol of American freedom that is located in Pennsylvania. This reference to the company’s home state along with the unusual motifs makes this logo a winner.


8. Shell Logo Design

Shell Logo Design
This company’s logo is very different from the other company logos in the industry, making it both unique and recognizable. It features simple a shell in bright red and yellow. The logo is recognizable enough that no name is needed, making it truly a success.


9. Valero Logo Design

Valero Logo Design
Valero’s logo may not be unique, but it is certainly well-designed. The company uses a calming blue, which is also associated with health. A bold V is the center graphic, with a yellow swoosh running through it to imply movement and change. The company name is below in the same graphic font, with the ‘a’ actually the graphic upside down. These interesting details set it apart from other company logos.


10. Mobil Logo Design

Mobil Logo Design
Although this company has become the second half of Exxon-Mobil, its identity lives on in its simple logo. The logo features the name written in a friendly, rounded font, with a blue and red color palette. The ‘o’ is a different color, producing the sense of inclusiveness of the circle while also representing the wheel, a common symbol of movement and automobiles. Although there are no Mobil gas stations, the logo remains recognizable and valid, making it a clear winner among company logos.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.