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‘Tis the season to dream of warm weather and sandy beaches. While the rest of us are bundled up like Eskimos, there are places in the world where a bikini is the perfect December fashion statement. Beach resort logos must play on the very human desire for warm weather and leisure, inspiring people from all over the world to spend an astounding amount of money to get away from the ice and chill. These ten Beach Resort Logos will make you wish you were lying in the sun rather than slogging through rain and snow. Also, check out the top 10 spa salon logos list.

1. Sandals Logo Design

Sandals Logo Design
This resort offers a Caribbean vacation without worries. The Beach Resort Logo Design shows this, with serene blue water and white sand in the background. The name of the resort appears to have been hand-painted for a casual touch, with bold lettering in a sunny yellow. The wording below describes the resorts and locations. Everything from the name to the logo implies casual fun in the sun, which is an attractive message to people looking for a warm getaway.

2. Maui Prince Logo Design

Maui Prince Logo Design
The Maui Prince is one of the best known resorts in this famously tropical state, and the beauty salon logo suggests this eminence while inviting the average person to have a part of it. The wording is black and traditional, with serifs. However, the image is in the shape of an inclusive circle, with a whale tail to refer to the nearby ocean. The pink color is feminine enough to suggest a soft, pampering experience.

3. Atlantis Paradise Island Logo Design

Atlantis Paradise Island Logo Design
Atlantis Paradise Island has a logo that ties into their name. The writing is old fashioned and purposely drawn to appear aged, referring to the ancient empire for which the resort is named. The A and the S both branch out and connect below into a wave like shape, referring to the ocean that is the main reason for most trips to the Bahamas. Wording below describes the exact location.

4. Club Med Logo Design

Club Med Logo Design
This logo promises a relaxing, no-worries vacation in a variety of ways. First, the main color is a relaxing blue. The lettering is rounded, lacking hard edges and serifs. The image to the left has a roughly round shape, which is inviting and inclusive. Trident’s spear is a prominent part of this image, but this well known nautical image is made friendly by drawing the sharp ends so that they are bent over and safe. A small yellow diamond implies wealth while the color adds an attention-getting detail to the logo.

5. Aqua Bamboo & Spa Logo Design

Aqua Bamboo & Spa Logo Design
As the unconventional name suggests, this resort is offering more than the average seaside vacation. First, the gray and green color palette used in the spa logo is ultra modern while the green refers specifically to the natural treatments and surroundings that the brand offers. Second, there are two different fonts to suggest a diverse experience with many choices. The word Bamboo is written in an artistic, faux handwritten font, while the words aqua and spa both are in a more serious, but still friendly writing. The ‘Q’ is given emphasis with color, and drawn to be made up of an inclusive circle along with an ocean-like wave.

6. Namale Logo Design

Namale Logo Design
This is another resort offering a spa-like experience along with the standard tropical beach experience. Again, the color green takes center stage. A tropical leaf is artistically placed in a square shape that suggests reliability and honesty to the world-weary traveler. The resort name is written in an artistic, cursive font, although the letters are thinner for a less bold presence and have a few serifs and details. The rest of the writing is square and plain to underscore the ‘square’ image without detracting from the artistry of the rest of the logo.

7. Kontiki Logo Design

Kontiki Logo Design
This resort is fun and family friendly in a colorful array of pastel colors. The writing is thick but rounded to emphasize the youthful, friendly image. The flowers and leaves surrounding the wording is reminiscent of the tropics, while the words “dive and beach resort” let potential guests know exactly what to exact when they arrive. This logo is very different from the others, but it is appropriate for the family orientation that the location promises.

8. The Breakers Logo Design

The Breakers Logo Design
This is one of the best known resorts in an area known for its luxury vacations, Florida’s Palm Beach. The light sandy brown of the logo is unassuming and modern, while the picture of the resort’s substantial main building gives guests a taste of the wealth and renown that The Breakers offers. The image is artistically and a little impressionistically drawn to give a classy touch to the logo. The newsy printing with serifs along with the generally square shape of the logo give a substantial, reliable image of tradition and wealth.

9. Sanibel Harbour Resort and Spa Logo Design

Sanibel Harbour Resort and Spa Logo Design
This spa logo uses a very trendy logo element, color layering, for a modern feeling. The writing is thin and modern as well, although the aqua color suggests the ocean that laps at the shores of the resort. The flower that makes up the image is feminine and attractive for a spa, while the way the flower appears to be blooming suggests that this is a place to open up and unwind. The multiple colors of the flower are bright and tropical while still modern, referring directly to the type of experience patrons can expect from this establishment.

10. Pertiwi Resort and Spa Logo Design

Pertiwi Resort and Spa Logo Design
This spa logo shows that the resort it represents offering an earth-friendly experience. First, the color green is dominant, as with other similar resorts. The name of the resort is plain so as not to detract from the striking image. The round image is friendly, while the female image within is artistic with a distinct Balinese feeling, suggesting a place to get in touch with one’s inner native. The tagline at the very bottom is in a different color to help it stand out, which is important because it is adept at explaining the entire experience of this resort in a single, cohesive phrase.
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