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Drink Up! The Top Ten Beverage Logos and Why You Have Them in Your Refrigerator Right Now

What’s in your glass right now? If you are like many Americans, it is one of the sodas on our top ten logo list. These beverages are well-known not just for their great taste, but for their superior branding and corporate food and drinks logo design. These ten are clear winners not just for their high quality flavors, but for their high quality images.


Sunkist Beverage Drink Logo Design
The corporate logo design chosen by Sunkist is representative of the company and the image they are trying to portray. The background of the logo is orange, which is tied into the orange color and flavor of the soda. The name of the company is surrounded by blue waves, a refreshing image. The waves at the top wrap into a circle, which ties into the sun in the name of the beverage.

2. 7-UP

7-Up Beverage Drink Logo Design
This much loved lemon-lime soda has one of the most unchanged and recognizable soft drink logos in the world. It features the name in yellow, a bright color that is also the color of a lemon, and green, a calming, organic color that represents the lime, with a red dot between the numeral seven and the word ‘up’. This dot is meant to represent a bubble, but it is put in an eye catching red color that adds brightness to the overall corporate logo design.


Pepsi Cola Beverage Drink Logo Design
This logo is a winner because it incorporates so many symbols into one simple logo. First, it is a circle, which is both an inclusive shape and also one that is suggestive of carbonation and bubbles. Second, the logo is red, white, and blue, which is appropriate as Pepsi considers itself an all-American beverage. Last, there is a wave-like shape through the circle, which suggests water, a refreshing image that is likely to be attractive to someone who is picking out a beverage.


Coca Cola Beverage Drink Logo Design
This classic soft drink company has perhaps the most recognizable corporate logo design in the world. The logo is currently the company name written in their classic font, in a deep red that has traditionally been associated with the cola flavor. The scrolling letters may not be the most original logo, but they are so recognizable that this company would be foolish to change them now. With billions of people buying into this logo and the product it represents, Coca Cola has a clear winner.


Monster Energy Beverage Drink Logo Design
This energy drink does an excellent job of setting itself apart from your average soft drink. First, the energy drink logo design has a large ‘M’ that is drawn to appear to be claw marks from the monster that the name refers to. The black background is edgy and stylish, while the bright green accents are in an energetic, neon color. The name is written in white in a distinctive font that has come to be associated with the drink company.


Stewart’s Fountain Drinks Beverage Drink Logo Design
Stewart’s is trying to be and look different from other soft drink companies by focusing on classic flavors and high quality. The logo portrays this with a vintage font and the classic icon of a root beer mug. The colors of burnt sienna and white are retro enough to give the logo some kitsch, making this a highly effective logo for this soft drink company. Read a recent article we wrote about A Nation on a Beer Budget.


Gatorade Beverage Drink Logo Design
This classic sports drink has moved into the twenty-first century with a recognizable logo that attracts both major athletes and amateurs alike. The corporate logo design features the product name in its classic, recognizable font, written in a refreshing green that is reminiscent of grass and greenery. In the background is a bold orange lightning bolt, which is a common symbol of quick bursts of energy. The message is that the role of sports logos drink both refreshes and energizes those who choose it, which is exactly what a sports drink company would want people to believe.


Mountain Dew Beverage Drink Logo Design
This soft drink, known for its extremely high caffeine content, has decided to make its energizing potential part of its corporate logo design. The name is fitted into a lightning bolt shape, similar to that seen in the logo of rival Gatorade. It is a refreshing green with red accents, adding to the energizing effect. This logo is similar to that of many sports and energy drinks, but it manages to be different by using the lightning bolt as a central figure instead of an accent. Check out the top 10 coffee shop logos.


Jones Soda Co. Beverage Drink Logo Design
This soft drink company began as a small, Seattle-based beverage that enjoyed much local renown, but wasn’t known outside the area. That, however, has changed. Jones Soda is known for their unusual flavors that are nonetheless simple, bold, and strikingly authentic. The corporate logo design matches the soda, written in a simple, bold font in black with no graphics whatsoever. Jones knows they can afford to use their logo to put the emphasis on their product.


Sierra Mist Beverage Drink Logo Design
Sierra Mist is a popular lemon-lime soda beverage that is similar to Sprite and 7-Up. However, its marketing and corporate logo design is very different. The logo features the name written in a fresh green font, with a color suggestive of nature and the outdoors. The word ‘mist’ is written in blurred letters that seem misty, suggesting the very word they spell. This logo design is different from other soft drink logos but still very effective for prospective customers look for a cool, different beverage.

Some companies make the list because they follow all of the rules of corporate logo design. Others are memorable logo icons simply because they break the rules. Regardless of the drink, be it ordinary beverages or premium whisky, what is important is that a logo be both appropriate for that drink and memorable enough to be recognized by a large number of people. In the end, a great logo can be the boost a drink needs to climb its way to popularity and develop the customer loyalty it needs.


Children comprise a savvy group of consumers who, despite their young age, are very aware of brand image. Logo is a very important part of marketing to this crowd. Not only must the logo be eye catching enough to win the child’s attention, it must also appeal to the parent who has the actual spending power. These companies have food and drink logos that appeal to both markets, which has won them a place in lunch boxes all over the United States.


Capri Sun Logo Design
The Capri Sun logo is deceptively simple. A blue and yellow color palette refers both to clear, refreshing water as well as warm sunshine, two images that are very relevant to beverages. In addition, the yellow creates a focal point for the logo. This color scheme is one that we will see a lot of in children’s beverage logo design because it is so effective. The font is bold and simple, leaving a logo that can be successfully placed on the never-ending parade of new lines and products marketed to this audience. A ribbon below lets the grown-ups know that the product is all natural.


Icee Logo Design
Children for generations have begged for this semi-frozen beverage treat, and the company clearly is unwilling to change a now classic logo that has worked for so long. This logo remains the same after decades of use, with red and blue referring to the two main flavors offered by this brand (cherry and blue raspberry). The blue is chilly and cool, while the red grabs the young consumer’s attention. The letters are bold with icicles hanging off them to refer to the ice crystals that make this beverage such a popular summer treat for children all over the nation.


AquaPod Logo Design
Can something as basic as water be marketed to children? The AquaPod logo design shows that it indeed is possible. The blue background relates directly to clear, refreshing water, while the yellow and orange letters pop against the cool background. The letters are rounded to be friendly to young consumers, but oriented so they appear to be moving. Water splashing around and through the center of the initial letter leaves no question as to the product, while creating visual interest.


Hawaiian Punch Logo Design
Once again we see the familiar refreshing blue, this time with a red hue that is identical to this drink’s well known color. The lettering is bold with sharp edges that give it an edgy image. A red surfboard below the writing refers to a sport commonly associated with Hawaii, while the familiar Hawaiian Punch character offers a refreshing, iced glass of the drink. Red is not a color commonly used in beverages logo designs, but it works well here because it ties in to the color of the drink while adding visibility.


Nesquik Logo Design
This logo features the cocoa flavored bunny rabbit that is featured in ads for the product, tying in to the marketing and the brand while adding to the child-friendliness of the logo. The yellow and blue is commonly associated with beverages in the United States, while the slanted orientation of the letters gives a feeling of movement that reflects the ‘Quik’ in the name. The familiar Nestle logo is prominently placed in its familiar red to tie this niche product into the well-known parent brand.


Sunny Delight Logo Design
Sunny Delight recently rebranded and changed its logo to appeal more to its young market. Will this be successful? A refreshing blue is seen here, but now with a youthful orange that refers to the citrus fruit used in the drink. The swirling letters refer to the liquid inside the bottle as well as giving a sense of movement, while a fruity orange sun ties the name into the flavor. Green letters add a natural touch while advertising for parents that this drink includes ‘absolutely nothing artificial’.


Juicy Juice Logo Design
This logo is made to appeal more to parents than to children, with plain letters and the sole image being a berry dotting the ‘I’ in the first word. A sophisticated black ribbon advises parents that this product is a healthier alternative to those with which it shares the shelf. The background in this case is purple, but it varies according to the flavor of the juice. The conspicuous lack of fun characters and the familiar blue show that the drink is a more parent-friendly choice.


Kool-Aid Logo Design
This drink is an American classic, with a logo that has changed little over the years. This text-only logo design is both versatile and refreshing in blue and white. The letters are square and substantial, with shadowing that makes them pop all the more. The first letters of both words curl up at the bottoms to give a little visual interest. This logo may be the simplest of the bunch, but that allows it both versatility and allows the familiar character associated with the brand to take center stage in advertisements and on-package labeling.


Mott’s Logo Design
This drink goes for a slightly more natural image by replacing the refreshing blue seen in other children’s drinks with a natural green. The logo still attracts attention with a bold yellow. The round shape is friendly, but the pointy black block letters show the drink’s serious side. White rays backlighting the ‘O’ reinforce the friendly nature of the circle while creating a reference to the sun. The sole image is of a leaf that makes up the apostrophe, adding to the natural feeling that the brand is trying to portray. The tagline further communicates this: ‘Hand Picked Goodness’.


Ocean Spray Logo Design
Ocean Spray makes a variety of products for people of all ages, so the logo must appeal to all. The blues are refreshing and refer to the liquid nature of both the juices and the company name. The wave creates a feeling of movement, while the circular shape makes the logo design more friendly. The letters are plain and white, without serifs or accents, to allow the emphasis to remain on the simple image.


Why do you buy your favorite snacks? Many people insist that it is the flavor, but logo designers and marketing consultants know that having an effective logo along with a cohesive brand can be a huge help at once. These snack companies have winning brands, alluring logos, and an undeniable power over the American public.


Chicken in a Biskit Logo Design
This niche favorite snack cracker has a snack company logo that expresses key facts about the product. First, yes, the cracker does have chicken and chicken flavoring in the ingredients. Second, the logo contained yellow, which is a common color used in crackers and savory snack products. The half circle in the background looks like a sun, which can represent both nature and the dawning of a new day. The writing is rounded and swirling, adding to the friendly image of this cracker. The writing as well as the background are both in a deep, calming, blue.


Pepperidge Farms Logo Design
This company makes a variety of snacks, but all use this interesting and recognizable logo, which allows higher brand recognition for this international company. The logo features simply the farm that the brand is named after itself, a picturesque scene with a barn and a waterwheel. The name of the company is written in a food-friendly red and yellow color scheme, in what appears to be a ribbon. Because ribbons usually imply being a leader in one film, this provides a pleasant contrast with the farm scene as well as showing the brand’s quality.


Orville Redenbacher’s Logo Design
This brand of gourmet popcorn also uses a ribbon in its logo to show the company’s high quality and dedication to excellence. The white writing has enough serif to be serious, but it is still rounded and friendly. The ribbon is red and gold, two colors that are commonly used in snack food. An image of corn shows exactly what kind of product is contained within the packaging. The impression that this is a high-quality popcorn cannot be missed, which makes this logo very effective.


Wheat Thins Logo Design
These crackers are more conventionally flavored than Chicken in a Biskit, and their logo shows it. The common color palette of calming blue and savory yellow is used, but the writing is more grown-up and features flourishes. In the background are several stalks of wheat in the key logo theme colors of blue and yellow. In case you didn’t know what a Wheat Thin is, the tagline below reads ‘baked snack cracker’.


Cheese Nips Logo Design
It’s easy to tell what Cheese Nips taste like from their name, but the logo is just as revealing. The writing is bold and in a can’t-be-missed bright red. The letters appear to be three-dimensional, truly making them pop. Orange crackers appear to be flying out from the center, suggesting that the cracker is an explosion of flavor. The red, orange, and gold color scheme makes this box stand out even in a crowded aisle.


Oreo Logo Design
This cookie is an American classic, and with this snack company logo design, it’s easy to see why. The logo is white with several shades of calming blue. The writing is rounded to give a friendly appearance with the letters arranged at a diagonal. This isn’t the most complicated logo in the snack world but is a calming friendly one that encourages people to buy the product.


Super Pretzel Logo Design
Super Pretzel’s company name is directly referred to in its logo. The way the logo jumps out at you with a cape-like trail behind it is directly reminiscent of famous superhero comics both in shape. Another similarity lies in the bright color palette. An inclusive circle in calming blue surrounds an image of the product itself, giving this super snack a friendlier feeling. The pretzel in the picture takes up most of this circle, making it appear yet stronger.


Cheetos Logo Design
These cheesy snacks have become an American classic, and the logo is part of this very successful brand. The writing is in the same bright yellow-orange color as the snack itself. However, the packaging also contains large areas of calming blue to offset the action-oriented orange. The writing is rounded, also like the product, but there are slight movement lines at the top edges. There is a glow behind the product name that makes it appear like a headline at the movies. It’s easy to look at this logo and understand key facts about the product, making it another success in the world of branding.


Nutter Butter Logo Design
These peanut flavored cookies are another niche favorite with a cult following. The logo appeals to this market by having one of the actual cookies in the background. In the foreground, the name of the brand is written in stark white letters with soothing blue outlining. The writing is slightly wavy, as though it is a mirage, which adds to the appeal. No lover of peanut butter could look at this image and not be tempted, making Nutter Butters an example of logo success.


Planter’s Peanuts Logo Design
How could anyone discuss snack logos without a look at Planter’s famous cartoon character spokesperson, Mr. Peanut? Mr. Peanut is clearly a throwback to a gentler time with his walking stick and single-eye glass. However, he is certainly friendly, with a non-confrontational pose and his hand posed to tip his hat. Despite numerous references to past centuries in this logo, Mr. Peanut remains relevant today. Most North American people both recognize this character and associate him with Planter’s Peanuts, making him an undeniable branding success story.

As you can see, there is a huge variation in what makes for an effective logo. For some, an intricate design works, while for others less is more. A circle might be the right shape for one museum, while a triangle or square better for another. The key is to have a logo designer create a logo just for you and your company because one size definitely does not fit all in the world of marketing.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.