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‘Blue collar’ is not just a socioeconomic class, but a term that millions of Americans identify with. Many companies began to realize the power of ‘blue collar’ marketing when the Blue Collar Comedy Tour achieved mass appeal that most people in the marketing world would have considered unlikely. Marketing to this group can be difficult, but these ten companies have been doing it for decades with a solidly working-class image and a logo to match.

1. Budweiser Logo Design

Budweiser Logo Design
What could be more all American and working class than good old Budweiser? The beverage logo design shows this company’s dominance of their market. The name od the company is written in a patriotic red and blue. A crown above the letter ‘B’ ties into the tagline: the king of beers. A gold color only adds to the feeling of royalty. The classic, cursive font gives the logo an old fashioned edge that hints at the company’s long history in their field.

2. Miller Logo Design

Miller Logo Design
This beer company uses a variety of logos for their long list of products, but all have a few commonalities. First, an attention getting red color is the most common palette, making the product stand out in the cold case. The slanted lettering combined with the angled line beneath it suggest movement and are also reminiscent of the pendants that are popular in professional sports. The font is decidedly old fashioned, again recalling the company’s long past. A square shape is often seen behind the writing in bright red, adding seriousness and a traditional edge to the logo design.

3. Carhartt Logo Design

Carhartt Logo Design
This well known brand of blue collar work wear has a logo design that subtly shows its softer side in the friendly, spiral-like image that dominates this image. However, the rest of the logo is all working class. The brown color is the same hue used in many working class garments, inclusing those of this company. The writing is in a slightly darker, woody brown, with disjointed letters that give the logo a modern feeling. The gentle rounding of these letters along with the all lower case writing again give the brand a softer, more approachable image.

4. Dickies Logo Design

Dickies Logo Design
This brand is a working class classic, with a logo design that appeals to the blue collar consumer. First, the horse shoe is not only an image reminiscent of farm labor, but also one that implies good luck. Second, the bright, elementary color palette is eye catching without ever a hint of guile. Last, a round shape is inclusive, while the banner like rectangle across the front suggests excellence. The image is slightly slanted for a feeling of movement that is appropriate to the brand.

5. John Deere Logo Design

John Deere Logo Design
The green and gold of this blue collar logo design are reminiscent of the earth and farm work, which is incredibly relevant to a company known best for its tractors. The rounded square that is the main shape hints at both tradition and friendliness. The image of a deer conjures up images of the woods while also relating to the name. The deer appears to be in mid-leap, giving a feeling of movement to the image. The name of the company is written below in bold, plain letters.

6. Walmart Logo Design

Walmart Logo Design
This top 10 global logo design was recently changed to appeal to a wider market, but the blue collar appeal remains. The soothing blue suggests that this company solves problems, while the sunny yellow communicates optimism. This feeling is bolstered by the image to the right, which could be interpreted as either a flower or a sun. Either way, the image gives a feeling of warmth and growth. The tagline, ‘Save money. Live better.’ is one that resonates particularly with people who embrace frugality and value.

7. Wrangler Logo Design

Wrangler Logo Design
The cowboy image that the name invokes is supported by the image of a running horse. A feeling of movement is also given by this picture. The writing is carefully balanced, with strong points as well as rounded parts to give a feeling of inclusiveness without detracting from the tough image that this brand wants to project with their logo design. The generally rectangular shape of the logo implies tradition, which is an important value in this market.

8. Red Wing Logo Design

Red Wing Logo Design
This brand of shoes and work boots has a simple logo design that is recognized by working men all over the nation. First, the name of the company is written in thick, black letters that give a substantial and weighty feeling to the design. A red wing in the background relates directly to the name of the company, but this top 10 shoe logo design also denotes movement and freedom, both of which are important in shoes and boots. The red and black color palette is both attention getting and appropriate for the strong image that the brand is trying to project.

9. Ford Logo Design

Ford Logo Design
What could be more blue collar than a Ford pick up? This company has marketed itself with great success to the working class with the company name written in a signature font going back to the business’s beginnings, giving a sense of tradition and old time quality. The blue in this car logo is not only a soothing color, but it also relates to the blue collar nature of many of the products. The rounded shape is friendly and suggests that this brand is attainable by anyone, which adds to the blue collar appeal of this top 10 car logo design.

10. Chevrolet Logo Design

Chevrolet Logo Design
This brand is another working class favorite, but it has a very different logo design. A cross is shown in this auto company logo, a common sign of tradition, but it is cut at the sides to imply movement, which is very important for an automobile brand. The metallic gold of the car logo design image implies wealth and quality, another key value for blue collar car (or truck) buyers. The name of the company is written below the image in a square font that is reminiscent of tradition and strength while calming in a shade of soothing blue.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.