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Color can be very communicative in logo design, with every hue having a distinct meaning. For this reason, colors are chosen very carefully. When a single color is used in a logo, you can bet that the logo designer made the choice carefully and with regard to the emotion that the color invokes in the target audience. The following ten logos use blue to their best advantage, communicating a variety of emotions.

1. Twitter Logo Design

Twitter Logo Design
Everyone with a computer recognizes this happy little bluebird, but very few people think about how purposefully the color was chosen. Not only is the ‘bluebird of happiness’ a common cultural symbol, blue is also the color of the skies and all things peaceful. Because Twitter is supposed to provide a peaceful time, it is more than appropriate that the color of this blue colored logo be a vivid sky blue. The bubbly lettering in all lower cases is informal and friendly as well, bolstering the brand.

2. Water Empire Logo Design

Water Empire Logo Design
Bodies of water are blue, so a company that deals with water should seriously consider the use of this color in their logo design. This blue color logo is a good example of using blue successfully for a water company. The image is of the split-second time when water rebounds from a drop hitting its surface. The writing is ultra modern with fluid rounded details, creating a blue color logo that is overall positive and relevant.

3. Earthscope Logo Design

Earthscope Logo Design
A very different blue is used here: the deep blue seen on oceans in the globe. This obviously is relevant to the business. The writing may be entirely lowercase, but the use of a newsy font with sharp serifs keeps the logo from seeming overly friendly. The globe used instead of the letter ‘O’ ties directly into the organization’s name and mission. Including the website address instead of a tagline allows interested people to find out more if they so choose.

4. Iceberg Logo Design

Iceberg Logo Design
Several different blues are used here: a dark blue in the background as well as several different blues in the icebergs themselves. The triangle is a symbol of strength, so it is a very positive image to use here. However, this strength is balanced by friendly and unassuming letters in a rounded lower case font. The top parts of the icebergs are reflected back by the implication of water, creating a beautiful and well-balanced image that is serene yet substantial.

5. Logo Design Logo Design
Layering transparent shapes is a very popular strategy used in modern blue colored logo design, but perhaps nowhere is it more appropriate or realistic than here, as water is naturally transparent. The water droplets layered over each other create an interesting and ultra-modern image that is nonetheless very relevant to the subject. Simple, thin writing with serifs makes it easy to remember the company name without detracting from the colorful image.

6. Airheady Logo Design

Airheady Logo Design
A sky blue surrounds a man with his head in a cloud, tying into the name of the company. The man’s body is also blue, which implies calm and serenity. He seems happy to have his head in the clouds, which gives this company a very positive and inviting image. The writing is bubbly and rounded in all lower case to further communicate an informal and fun feeling. It’s hard to think of a better way of approaching a logo for a company with such an offbeat name, and the result is certainly memorable.

7. Blue Sky Mortgages Logo Design

Blue Sky Mortgages Logo Design
A company with the word blue in its name would do well to use the color in its logo design. The writing is reminiscent of an August sky in a deep blue that appears to have been hand-painted, while the image of a house also appears hand created in a much lighter shade of sky blue. The word ‘Mortgages’ written below is in a more serious color and font to add a touch of importance to an otherwise flighty and informal logo design. People dreaming of home ownership are sure to find this blue color logo design inviting.

8. Quote Nine Logo Design

Quote Nine Logo Design
We have talked before about punctuation logos, and this is one good example. Because a quotation mark also resembles a number nine, this simple image relates cleverly to both words in this company’s name. The use of blue here was clearly to create a friendly and inviting image that would offset the business-like feeling of the plain writing and the punctuation mark. It would certainly be a very boring logo without this splash of color.

9. On Edge Skateboarding Logo Design

On Edge Skateboarding Logo Design
In this case, blue is not a reference to nature or bodies of water, but a bright splash of ultra-modern turquoise. The new wave font ties into this contemporary theme, while the square shape of the logo suggests that the company is trustworthy and gives a traditional edge to a very new age logo. Bold lines throughout the image add emphasis and draw the eye into the logo itself. In this blue color logo design, the color blue is used to create a very different feeling than it has in any of the previous examples.

10. Raincut Logo Design

Raincut Logo Design
In this case, a deep watery blue is used to fill in a single droplet, which is cut in two by a serrated line. This ties directly into the name in a clever and highly visual way. The way the color stays beyond the lines adds a watercolor feeling that is informal and fun. The name of the company is written in a cursive font that is highly traditional but also beautiful and flowing. While this company is surely not about reducing rainfall, the image is humorous and unusual enough to grab attention from everyone who views it.
As you can see, blue can mean different things to different people, which is something that every professional logo keeps in mind during the design process. For some people, blue means a deep body of water; for others, it is a clear summer sky. In some cases, blue invokes a feeling of calm and serenity; for others, it means freedom. The secret is to use color in a personal way that speaks directly to the people you are trying to reach.

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