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Candy bars demand a logo that stands out in the crowd. People generally buy candy either out of product loyalty or as a spontaneous decision. Candy is generally sold besides hundreds of other competing brands, so the food and drink logo and the wrapper must be enticing enough to inspire people, as well as roughly explanatory of the flavors held within. These ten logos are winners because they are attractive and enticing, using color and shape to woo the consumer and draw in the eye.

1. Hershey’s Logo Design

Hershey’s Logo Design
This logo is a good example of the principle that sometimes less is more. What candy logo could be more recognizable than this stark, plain, text-only logo? The name is written in solid, square writing, which suggests the straightforwardness of the candy within. The background is the same brown as the bar, but the writing is in a silvery-white that suggests precious metal. Shading is used to make the lettering appear slightly three-dimensional, giving it a substantial feeling and one that is highly recognizable as well.

2. 3 Musketeers Logo Design

3 Musketeers Logo Design
This long-time candy aisle favorite has a colorful, memorable logo that uses many of the best principles of logo design. First, the soothing blue, eye-catching red, and stark white look like they were chosen for a harmonious and balanced color scheme, but they are also the colors of the French flag, where the story of the three musketeers is based. The number three is enclosed in a shield, which is a shape commonly associated with tradition and strength. However, the letters are rounded to give a more friendly feeling.

3. Dove Logo Design

Dove Logo Design
This chocolate bar was made for adult tastes rather than a child’s sweet tooth, and the business-like logo expresses this beautifully. In contrast to colorful children’s bars, the word ‘Dove’ is written in a newsy, straightforward font in a chocolate-y brown. The dove of the name is embossed on the letters in a metallic gold. The background is stark white, making for a minimalist look that appeals to grown-ups looking for a more mature chocolate fix.

4. Baby Ruth Logo Design

Baby Ruth Logo Design
Although many claim that this candy bar was named after Babe Ruth of baseball fame, it was actually named after the daughter of then-president Grover Cleveland. The logo refers in several ways to its namesake. First, the logo is written in the colors of the American flag: red, white, and blue. Second, the font of the bar is identical to that used on a medallion for the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition which featured the presidential family, including young Ruth. This rich history makes this logo a winner.

5. Aero Logo Design

Aero Logo Design
This European favorite has quite a following in the United States as well, and it’s easy to see why. It features a bubbly center covered in chocolate, with the bubbles referred to in the name. However, the logo also suggests the bubbles. While the color varies with the particular flavor of the bar, the lettering is white and rounded for a friendly appearance. The product name is surrounded by bubbles, with the ‘O’ of the name slightly larger and drawn to look like a bubble itself. You can’t look at the logo and not have a good idea of what the bar will be like, making this a very communicative logo.

6. Cadbury Crème Egg Logo Design

Cadbury Crème Egg Logo Design
This Easter themed confection is popular with young children, and the logo is made to appeal to this powerful market. The word Cadbury is written in the company’s distinctive font, a good branding move. However, the words ‘crème egg’ are written in a rounded font in all lower case letters, which is appealing to younger markets. The color scheme is primary colors, also designed to appeal to children. The candy retains the British spelling of the word ‘crème’ as a homage to its nation of origin. Marketing solely to its target audience, young children, has made this novelty treat and its logo both winners.

7. Flake Logo Design

Flake Logo Design
Purple is a color that is commonly associated both with royalty and with artistic tendencies, making it a great color for this logo. The background is yellow, which makes the purple pop that much more. The wording is thin and drawn out so the logo is long, which is appropriate for this long, thin candy favorite. A wavy shape underlines the words, incorporating a feeling of movement. This logo suggests correctly that this candy bar is different from most of its competitors.

8. Happy Hippo Logo Design

Happy Hippo Logo Design
This children’s candy bar has a cult-like following among adults as well. This may be due to its superb branding. The happy hippo character has been the subject of children’s books and even short movies. The logo itself is an integral part of the brand, written in bubbly white letters outlined by blue. The water in which the hippo lives is red on the packaging, an unconventional and eye-catching choice that has nonetheless been very successful. A small image of flowers and fruits to the bottom right of the wording is not very relevant to the bar, but still attractive.

9. Heath Bar Logo Design

Heath Bar Logo Design
The Heath bar is a favorite all over the word, perhaps in part due to its logo’s appropriate and direct use of color. The brown background of the logo represents the dark chocolate, while the dark gold writing represents the toffee inside. The description of the candy is written in a soothing blue color. The news-like font with sharp serifs combined with the horizontal lines drawn in the background give the impression of a headline, making this candy bar seem momentous and worth talking about. Its popularity worldwide suggests that many people agree with this assessment.

10. Junior Mints Logo Design

Junior Mints Logo Design
This minty movie theater favorite was named after a popular play, Junior Miss. However, its popularity outlasted its namesake. The wording is solid and a bright green, which is a calming color that also ties into the candy’s key flavor. A picture of the candy is also included in the logo, along with a mint leaf to drive home the flavor inside. This logo has not changed substantially in decades, suggesting that its simple appeal is enough to get movie-goers to select it out of the packed case of sweets.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.