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Chemicals are all around us, so much so that we rarely even think about them. Chemicals are in the products we use to clean outhouses, the fuel we pump into our gas tank, and the products we use to bathe. We even eat chemicals, in food additives and prescription drugs. As you can imagine, this is a huge industry where every company must carefully cultivate their image and brand. While DuPont and Dow are perhaps the best-known giants in this industry, these companies are the winners when it comes to having a captivating manufacturing logo design.

1. Ciba Specialty Chemicals Logo Design

Ciba Specialty Chemicals Logo Design
The butterfly that is the main image of this logo design is an unexpectedly whimsical representative for this industry. However, it is actually a very meaningful image. The butterfly represents growth and transformation, which is significant in the chemical industry. The colorful pixels are not just reminiscent of modern technology, but also a symbol of the many different divisions within this chemical company. The rounded writing is friendly and yet bold enough to give a little weight to the otherwise fanciful image.

2. BASF Logo Design

BASF Logo Design
This chemical company logo design includes a tagline that leaves absolutely no doubt as to what line of work they specialize in. The two squares are not just a common image representing tradition, but in fact are designed to represent a lock and key. The hard edges are balanced by rounded lettering. The desired message is that this company will offer solutions that fit, that open doors for customers. The black and white gives a stark yet honest image that lends credibility to the company.

3. Borealis Logo Design

Borealis Logo Design
This plastics company also has a square logo design image as well, but a very different one. The wave-like lines inside the square are reminiscent of the aurora borealis for which the company is named, but also are symbols of forward movement that are important in the plastics and chemical industry. The bold, plain writing is straightforward and separated by a thin dividing line from the company tagline, which leaves no doubt as to the industry that this company is in.

4. Eikos Logo Design

Eikos Logo Design
This logo design brings up science’s long and notable history by making the famous Fibonacci spiral an integral part of their logo. The green dot at the end of the spiral dots the ‘I’ in the company name, which implies that this long line of tradition is behind this company, which is taking the baton and moving forward. The all lower case writing and the generally rounded shapes create a friendly feeling that is a positive one in this field.

5. Hanwha Logo Design

Hanwha Logo Design
This chemical company chooses to use the inclusive circle, which is a common logo design image, but this time in a very modern layered image. The orangey red is relevant to an Asia-based company while also drawing in the eye. The writing is rounded, which adds to the friendly image. Because people tend to be mistrustful of chemical companies, this friendly, modern image may give this business a higher chance of success.

6. ThalesNano Logo Design

ThalesNano Logo Design
This chemistry company has a wave-like image that may appear to be a symbol of movement, but is in fact a picture of the company’s most notable product, a continuous flow hydrogenation reactor. The blue is calming and serene, while the writing is plain enough not to detract from the simple yet interesting image. The rounded image surrounding the reactor as well as the lower case letters in the second half of the word add a touch of friendliness to the logo design.

7. Jenapharm Logo Design

Jenapharm Logo Design
This logo design seems simple, but it includes a lot of small details that make for a cohesive and well designed ‘big picture’. First, the circle is a common shape communicating friendliness, but the center is definitely in a triangular shape, which gives a feeling of strength. The warm colors are translucent and overlapping, which is a popular logo design theme right now. The feeling of transparency is a good one for a company dealing with potentially dangerous chemicals as well.

8. Ace Chemical Logo Design

Ace Chemical Logo Design
Again we see the friendly circle but this time with a very scientific image in the foreground. It’s hard to think of an image more appropriate for a chemical company logo design than a molecule, so this image is well chosen. The blue colors are calming and make people want to trust the company, an impression that is complimented by the rounded lettering. The writing is bold and thick enough to make the company seem like a substantial presence.

9. Seventh Generation Logo Design

Seventh Generation Logo Design
While many of these companies are global giants, Seventh Generation is a relatively small company that focuses on making eco-friendly and even organic chemicals for cleaning and personal hygiene. The logo design shows this difference in focus with a single leaf, representing the earth-friendliness of the product. The small sun in the background adds to the natural image. The lower case letters in the first word are friendly, showing the different slant to the company, while the second word has all caps for a more serious image.

10. Sinochem Logo Design

Sinochem Logo Design
This logo design shows a test tube half full, or is it half empty? Either way, it is an appropriate image for a chemical company. The blue is serene and gives the viewer a calm feeling, while the generally round image is friendly. The all caps letters, however, are basic and plain, giving the logo design a straightforward, business-like feeling.
Chemical companies are everywhere, but many people don’t understand what they are or exactly what their purpose is. As you can see, these logos help to create public goodwill by communicating key facts about the industry at hand while creating a generally friendly, soothing image. This certainly gives these companies an improved chance of finding success in their field. Your logo can be similarly communicative and evocative if you have it created by a professional logo designer.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.