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10 Children’s Logos that Work–and Why

While advertisers once marketed exclusively to parents, children are now a consumer force to be reckoned with. There are special foods, clothing, accessories, soft toys, and even furniture marketed to children. Many of these items are bought at specialty stores that also cater to these tiny consumers. As such, the most successful logo designs have been designed to appeal to little ones as well as the bigger people footing the bills. Here are a few of the most successful and recognized children’s logos along with the reason they work so well.

1. Sesame Street

Sesame Street Children Logo
Since the program’s beginning several decades ago, this logo has been a memorable symbol of childhood. A simple green street sign with the program name, often surrounded by the characters that make this show such an unqualified success, make up this most memorable children’s logo. The letters ‘CTW’ above the show name stand for Children’s Television Workshop, the company that makes this and other quality family programming. The Sesame Street logo is one of the best logo designs for children because it is clear and hasn’t changed over the show’s many decades.


2. Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein Children Logo
Baby Einstein designs products that are reputed to make children more intelligent as well as more appreciative of great art through exposing them to stimulating art, music, and concepts in early childhood. The logo does a great job of portraying this mission, with a young child resembling Albert Einstein as well as bright colors that mimic those seen in the videos and books sold by this children’s company.


3. Discovery Kids

Discovery Kids Children Logo
Move over, Discovery Channel; Discovery Kids is the home of the most popular, must-see programming on every cable network. This TV channel’s logo takes the Discovery Channel logo and gives is a whole new twist. The classic globe of the Discovery Channel is orbited by a smaller globe—this ‘child’ network. The globe is in red and the word ‘kids’ are in bold colors that suggest the younger viewership while setting it apart from the logo designs of the parent company. No one can see this logo without knowing that it refers to an educational product for children.


4. The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company Children Logo
This company logo may not be complicated or feature an attractive graphic, but it wins for branding power. The logo is text, with the words ‘Walt Disney’ written in the distinctive Disney font. This font is childlike and fun, but most importantly, its fingerprints are on every Disney product from theme parks to films to apparel. Children and adults all over the world recognize the Disney font, making it one of the most successful media company logo designs of all time.


5. Madison Children’s Museum

Madison Children’s Museum Children Logo
This museum is not the only children’s museum to have a great logo, but it is definitely a good example of a great logo for young people. It is in a square shape that has a clean line, but the square is broken up like a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces of this jigsaw puzzle make up common toys, including an airplane and a bell. This logo is attractive enough to attract the right kind of attention, making it another of our favorite children’s museum logo designs.


6. St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital Children Logo
This is not just a hospital, but a well-known charity and international cause célèbre. This hospital does research on common childhood diseases and provides help to some of the sickest children, all free of charge. The hospital logo portrays the mission of this organization as well as the gravity of its subject. The figure of a small child looking at his or her hands atop a curve that suggests the shape of our planet inspires people to think of the children who depend on this charity and its supporters.


7. Hit Toy Company

Hit Toy Company Children Logo
This toy company makes some of the most popular toys on the market, so it is only fitting that it has one of the top logo designs. The logo features a block in primary colors with the letters that make up the name on the three visible sides. Because the block is perhaps one of the best-known children’s toys, this logo is appropriate for its subject and holds a classic appeal.


8. Pediped

Pediped Children Logo
This upscale shoe maker’s logo features the name in a distinctive purple along with a bare holding its bare toes. The motto, “next best thing to bare feet,” is placed at the bottom of the name and graphic. This logo does a good job of describing what makes this company different—that its shoes are as orthopedically correct and comfortable as simple bare feet. The cute graphic provides a memorable character for preliterate children to recognize and request.


9. Lego

Lego Children Logo
What could be simpler than Legos, those iconic, never-changing blocks that have provided hours of fun to children all over the world? The logo is similarly simple, with a simple red square containing the company name in white outlined with yellow and black. The font is bubbly and full, suggesting playfulness. This logo may be one of the simplest minimalist logo designs, but it is also timeless and appropriate for its subject.


10. Toys “R” Us

Toys “R” Us Children Logo
No list of children’s logo designs would be complete without this well-known toy seller’s logo. In a bold, bright color palette with the trademark backward ‘R’ and a white star, this logo serves as branding for the company’s entire chain of stores, with color schemes and fonts across the country tying in to this theme.


There are a variety of factors that can make a children’s logo successful, but appealing to a variety of people, including children, their parents, and even their grandparents, is one key attribute. Modern children are savvy consumers, so creating a brand that caters to the needs and desires of these littlest ones and their families is the first step to finding success in any kind of children’s industry. Because the key to creating a brand is creating a logo, these design logos may be singlehandedly creating the success of the companies associated with them.

Here is a collection of consumer product logos aimed at the children market.

Children Related Consumer Product Logo Designs

Children Related Consumer Product Logo Designs

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