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With the economy in less than stellar shape, city tourism agencies must be more vigilant than ever in marketing their area as a place for a vacation. For many, this has meant adopting a city logo that speaks to the hearts and minds of people from around the globe. The following ten city landmark logos are attractive and inviting, inspiring vacationers to give the area more than a second glance when planning their next trip.

1. New York City Logo Design

New York City Logo Design
This logo design is the golden standard for city tourism logos: simple, memorable, and associated indelibly with the city of New York. The writing is bold and black in all capital letters that have news-type sensibility, with the word ‘love’ implied by a large red heart. This logo is often copied by others, but it never loses its association with the city that never sleeps.

2. Montreal Logo Design

Montreal Logo Design
This is another simple yet explanatory city logo design, this time for a very different type of city. While NYC is known for being a center of fintech and commerce, Montreal is a cultural center home to some of North America’s most famous festivals. The solemn, black lettering would seem to imply seriousness, but this fusty image is negated by the pair of red lips that make up the letter O. This gives the logo design a fun and signature style feeling that will set it apart from other cities with less enticing images.

3. London Logo Design

London Logo Design
This colorful image of people dancing is festive and inviting, but it also hints at the diversity of this city by making each person a different color. This city’s name is written in an all capital, serious font, hinting at its serious and traditional side. However, the underlining in an impromptu wave gives a sense of fun and spontaneity that counteracts this conventional touch. This logo design both acknowledges and counters the somewhat stodgy image that London and Great Britain have through the world.

4. Oslo Logo Design

Oslo Logo Design
The wave-like shape that dominates this logo design could be interpreted as a wave representing either the ocean or simply positive change, but it, in fact, is the prow of a Viking vessel. This ties the logo design in with the area’s notable history while also creating an attractive image that interests people unfamiliar with the area’s history. The bright colors are modern and eye-catching, while the use of both upper and lower case letters creates a sense of balance between formality and fun.

5. Copenhagen Logo Design

Copenhagen Logo Design
This logo design relates to one of the city’s best-known landmarks, a statue of a mermaid by sculptor Edvard Eriksen deal. The hard edges are rounded into friendly curves and a wavelike shape placed below to imply ocean while also suggesting movement and change. The blue is calming while also relevant to the sea. The wording is written in both thick and thin fonts, which again creates that all-important sense of balance that vacationers are looking for.

6. Belfast Logo Design

Belfast Logo Design
There is nothing serious or staid about Belfast’s new logo design, which features a letter B made of a slightly angled heart shape. The way the name is written inside the heart implies that there is a lot to love about the city. The curved shape combined with the rounded lettering give a friendly image that will make travelers feel welcomed. The use of many different bright, youthful colors in this logo design adds to the fun promised by the city.

7. Las Vegas Logo Design

Las Vegas Logo Design
Instead of the city name or an image taking center stage, this city tourism logo design uses a well-known nickname, Sin City. The use of black and white as well as a font that appears to have been handwritten in a feminine hand adds to the general image of sensuality and temptation. Swirling accents on the letters create a sense of movement that is definitely relevant to the area, while the inclusion of the city’s website address ensures that people will know exactly where to go for more information.

8. Paris Logo Design

Paris Logo Design
This logo design features the city’s most famous attraction, the Eiffel Tower, but re-created in a modern series of dots that appear to be blobs of brightly colored paint. This emphasizes both the traditional side of the city as well as a more current, fun aspect that will surprise and intrigue people thinking about visiting Paris. The name of the city, as well as the rest of the wording, are written in plain, thin letters that don’t take away from the power of this image.

9. Dublin Logo Design

Dublin Logo Design
This logo design has both a traditional and a wild side, which is definitely representative of the city it is portraying. On one hand, the name of the city and its web address are written in plain, newsy letters in a serious and business-like gray hue. However, this is brightened substantially by the words “Truly, Madly, Deeply” written above in scrawling handwriting. The bright colors of these words pull all attention from the most serious writing, which implies that, while this city has a serious side, you probably won’t notice it for all the fun to be had.

10. Mexico City Logo Design

Mexico City Logo Design
Mexico City is a colorful place, so a colorful logo design such as this is exactly what it should have. The bright hues are tropical, relating to the famous warm weather of the area. A bird, which is central to the mythology surrounding the founding of the city, is the key image, drawn in splashy watercolor strokes. The name of the city is written in a mix of upper and lower case letters that might have been confusing had it not been for the fact that they are all identical sizes.
Clearly, these are not small towns or boroughs; all are major world cities with a large tourist base on which to build. However, the success of these logos can be had on a smaller scale by any city or region willing to adopt a professional logo design and market themselves aggressively. If you need the kind of recognition that only a professional and cohesive brand can offer, contact us today.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.