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Have you ever wondered why you and so many others are drawn to certain logos of clothing labels? It might be the style or the quality, or even what celebrities happen to be wearing the brand at the same time. However, at least part of a brand’s appeal lies in logo branding. Fashion brands makes a statement about the brand and the people who wear it. Recently I wrote an article called Top 10 Online Boutique Logos which reflects this sentiment. Here are a few iconic brands that we created for our clients in the past.

Sonja Dee

Sonja Dee Fashion Brand

1 What’s so important about this fashion Brand? It includes intertwined S and D. Although merely a stylized rendition of the founder’s initials, it is perhaps one of the most widely recognized logo in our client’s market segment. Part of this effect is due to logo branding, as the logo is present on every item that leaves this house of fashion, from perfumes to accessories to haute couture. The client was quite thrilled with the elegant and high end look of the logo we created for them.


GAYE Clothing & Fashion Logo

2 GAYE is just one of this famous clothing designer’s clothing lines in Thailand, but it is the most recognizable. This is likely due in part to the effective logo of this brand. The logo features a a funky text/font treatment, tying directly to the name of the clothing line. Because the target market is generally associated with upper class British sensibilities, the font treatment gives the brand a sporty yet chic image. GAYE is a good example of effective logo branding because the logo is included on almost every item made by the company, yet it doesn’t feel overused or passé.

Scottie Hampton

Scottie Hampton Clothing & Fashion Brand

3 Scottie Hampton’s logo features a fun and vibrant mascot line art design of the owner’s pet dog, after which the brand is names. It’s hard to understand exactly what makes this logo so powerful, except perhaps for its simplicity and high recognition. It has been a vital piece of the luxury fashion house’s logo branding for decades, while retaining its appeal and high end image. This logo must be successful, because it is the appreciated logo in our portfolio and many of potential clients ask us about it.

Individual Expression

Individual Expression Clothing & Fashion Brand

4 The Individual Expression logo features the name with a very Texan look and feel. The logo is symmetrical and recognizable, yet clearly ties in to the company name. It represents the sharp edges and extreme fashion for which this fashion house is known. With wings on either side, we tried to communicate freedom of spirit which is the core value of the company.

Punch London

Punch London Clothing & Fashion Brand

5 Punch London is generally thought of as an all-British brand, and this logo does a great job of presenting that image. The logo features a simple silhouette of a rhinoceros which hints at the hunting traditions of the old British Empire. Although the animal icon is perhaps not politically correct, it’s easy to see that this design house wanted their logo branding to present a classic, patriotic image.


Megary Clothing & Fashion Brand

7 Megary wanted a classic yet distinctive logo for her brand of haute couture, and the Megary logo hits the mark. This designer logo features a stylish script sitting in a bed of ornate leaves. This logo branding gives the brand an archetypal yet edgy image that is seductive to fashion lovers of all ages and walks of life. Best of all, the Megary logo is different from almost every other logo, making it an effective and distinctive choice for this company.

Archana Saini

Archana Saini Clothing & Fashion Brand

8 People all over the India recognize the A&S symbol. Archana Saini is named after the company’s founder, Indian fashion designer, Archana Saini. The bold colors – red and yellow add warmth and fun and bring to the forefront the design style of this brand. Since we created this logo, it has become a symbol of luxury to fashion lovers everywhere in India.


Manfom Clothing & Fashion Brand

9 The Manfom is one of the most popular private labels in the Carribean, with some great marketing has become appealing to a wide variety of people from all walks of life. This logo wins for simplicity, with the name of the company in a stylish scriptive font against a blue background. The simple bird icon logo has allowed this iconic clothing store to keep the same logo for years without appearing dated or old-fashioned. It also allows logo branding, as the font and colors are used consistently throughout the store and its advertisements.

Sarabella Boutique

Sarabella Clothing & Fashion Brand
10 This is a high end fashion boutique, and as such the logo features a timeless color scheme and an ancient graphic. The logo features a pink background and ornate pattern of leaves and branches. The brand name is in a customized font and the word boutique is in a scroll underneath giving the logo a real look and feel.

As you can see, a successful company’s logo is not chosen randomly, but selected carefully to make a statement that will draw in customers. These logos aren’t merely part of their brand, they are the brand. If you want your company to enjoy the same success and renown, having a logo design team create a logo for you is the first step.

We at Logo Design Works have considerable experience with creating clothing and fashion company brands. Call us today on 800 488 5646 to find out if we can create a stunning designer brand for your company.

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Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.