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Stopping for coffee and a donut on the way to work is something of a tradition for many people. However, how do these people choose which donut shop to drive through? While location, convenience, and product quality are certainly important factors in this decision, brand and cafe logo are definitely factors in this decision. The following ten logos are inviting enough to keep customers coming.

1. Dunkin Donuts Logo Design

Dunkin Donuts Logo Design
In this case, the logo design doesn’t focus so much on the key product—donuts—as another product that is important to this brand, in this case coffee. Because many donut buyers enjoy this beverage with their sugar-laden breakfast, this is relevant enough to deserve this key logo placement. The bright colors are sunny and energetic, while also being an important part of the brand because they are used throughout locations and company communication. The rounded lettering is friendly while also relating to the shape of the donut itself.

2. Krispy Kreme Logo Design

Krispy Kreme Logo Design
This favorite of donut lovers uses a retro logo that creates the impression of a diner or other old time eatery, with a logo in the shape of a classic sign and an old fashioned scrolling font. The font has wavy accents that imply movement, which is important to people wanting to eat and run. Red is a color commonly used in food service while also attracting the eye to the logo design. The green that dominates the logo is calming and implies a stress free experience.

3. Mmmuffins Logo Design

Mmmuffins Logo Design
This shop has a brand that emphasizes their offerings, which are more expanded than what you would find at the average donut shop. As in many other donut shop logos, the lettering rounded to hint at a friendly experience as well as the shape of the main product. The M’s of the logo design are shaped like muffins, to hint at the product for which the company was named, while the I is shaped like a cup of steaming coffee. The red, orange, and yellow color palette is warm and inviting while also drawing in the eye.

4. Coffee Time Logo Design

Coffee Time Logo Design
The circular shape of the logo design again hints at the product, while the red and yellow colors are also common in the industry. The dark, swirling shape of the image in the center of the logo is reminiscent of coffee, an impression that is bolstered by the fact that the spiral ends in a classic coffee cup. The wording is written in a swirling font that ties into the rest of the image while giving a feeling of movement. The logo is more attractive and stylish than many in this field, which sets it apart in its market as a more modern choice.

5. Go Nuts Donuts Logo Design

Go Nuts Donuts Logo Design
This happy, cheerful logo design is different from the ones we have looked at so far because it features photographic quality images of donuts in the logo itself. In this case, bright donuts are arranged to form a friendly smiling face, showing people the happy experience that they can find in this donut shop. The writing is red to grab attention, but friendly. The unique font and the way the writing is angled create a feeling of change, implying that this establishment is more forward-thinking than their competition.

6. J.Co Donut Logo Design

J.Co Donut Logo Design
This Asia-based donut shop logo design features a peacock, which is a symbol of royalty that is also associated with its area. The orange color is youthful and friendly to balance the traditional image as well as the heavy black accents. The circular shape of the logo combined with rounded writing creates a friendly feeling while also referring to the key product. This logo is a good example of how archetypical shapes and colors can appeal to people from a variety of cultures.

7. Voodoo Donuts Logo Design

Voodoo Donuts Logo Design
This Portland donut shop has received national media attention due to the unusual nature of their brand. The name ties into the fare offered, which includes a popular donut that looks like a voodoo doll, as well as the slightly creepy logo design. This logo design features sepia tones, and a scary looking man with dark eyes looking out from a donut shape. The name appears to have been nailed onto the donut from pieces of wood, which is definitely a diversion from the rounded, bubbly fonts seen in other logos of this genre. The tagline of the business is proudly displayed in a banner below the image.

8. Psycho Donuts Logo Design

Psycho Donuts Logo Design
This logo design tries to be more like other donut shop logos by using a gold and red color scheme often seen in this field as well as a donut shape. However, the similarity stops there. The writing appears to have been painted in a jagged, somewhat mad font. The donut image is not happy, but rather running away as though afraid. While this would not be a good logo design for the average donut shop, it fits the Psycho Donuts brand beautifully.

9. Donut King Logo Design

Donut King Logo Design
The colors of this logo design include a bold pink similar to that seen in the Dunkin Donuts logo design, but this time complimented by equally bright yellow and a touch of blue. The rounded writing common in the genre is seen here, with the O shaped distinctly like a donut, with a crown perched on the top. This logo design is vivid and bright while tying into the name perfectly.

10. The Whole Donut Logo Design

The Whole Donut Logo Design
This donut shop features an image that ties directly into the name. A donut is shown with the hole filled in, suggesting that this is a place where you will get a little more than the average donut shop offers. A spoon and a steaming cup of coffee beside the donut fills out the image. The attention getting red combined with soothing green yield a balanced and promising logo design.
As you can see, a donut shop logo design can be classic or downright wacky. The difference that makes this variety equally successful is the brand. An experienced logo designer will create a logo that is uniquely yours, a one of a kind expression of your business that will draw in customers and give you the success that every small business owner seeks.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.