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What makes a logo green? For some companies, it is the use of earth-centric colors such as bright green and sky blue. For other organizations, using a traditionally eco-friendly graphic such as a planet, a recycling symbol, or the sun might give customers and community the overall impression of ecological awareness. The top ten eco-friendly company logos on this list all use different strategies with a compelling effect. Despite these different approaches, the end result is the same: a visually attractive logo that communicates one very important common value.

1. Green Business Alliance

Green Business Alliance Eco Friendly Logo

The Green Business Alliance is a company dedicated to helping businesses become ever greener. As such, their logo is, predictably, green. However, this is the only place is which the company logo design is predictable. This logo features a tree with many stylized limbs, all branching around a shape in the middle that is reminiscent of both a leaf and a heart. This graphic perfectly describes the company’s goal, which is what makes them our top green logo.

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2. Carbon Fund

Carbon Fund Eco Friendly Logo

Carbon Fund is a nonprofit company offering carbon offsets. Carbon offsets have the potential to change the planet, and this bright future is portrayed in the logo. The company logo design is in the shape of a circle, which implies both inclusion and completion. The sun is rising over the horizon, which suggests a new beginning. The bright colors give a feeling of youth and optimism.

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3. Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market Eco Friendly Logo

Whole Foods Market may not be a company dedicated exclusively to ecological causes, but its message of fair trade and organic living is one that resonates through the green community. The company food logo design is congruent with their values. The logo is white and green—a common color used in almost all of the logos discussed here. The wording is easily readable, but the ‘O’ is Whole is ingeniously drawn to look like a piece of fruit, complete with leaves at the top. Having a whole food in the Whole Foods logo makes sense and does a lot to communicate the company’s dedication to its purpose. However, I feel that this logo looks quite similar to Obama’s Logo.

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4. Ausra

Ausra Eco Friendly Logo

This industrial solar energy giant gets an honorable mention because it completely avoids much of the green imagery seen in similar companies’ logos and indeed the color green itself. Instead, this company logo design features a single sun, which is appropriate considering the source of all solar energy. The orange color is not just fitting as the color of a sun; it is also eye-catching and bound to set this company apart from the competition.

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5. Cool Earth Solar

Cool Earth Solar Eco Friendly Logo

Cool Earth is another solar company with a unique company logo design, but this company takes a completely different approach. This logo has a 3-D logo image of the earth with a lower case ‘c’ and ‘e’ wrapped around it. Several different shades of blue are used, but the overall effect is cool and calm, which ties into the company name. Because of the style of writing used, the letters blend into the overall picture, putting the emphasis on the planet, where it should be.

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6. Planet Green

Planet Green Eco Friendly Logo

This Discovery network channel’s company logo design will make you wonder if a logo can get any simpler. The logo is simple a green circle. Round like the planet, green like… well, green; how much simpler can it be? This simplicity makes this logo a clear winner.

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7. Green Options

Green Options Eco Friendly Logo

This green website is dedicated to helping people and businesses in the green movement to connect with each other. Even if this mission wasn’t written on every page of the website and company literature, it would be easy to figure out. The logo is green (of course) and in the shape of a circle to give a feeling of inclusion. The ‘G’ of green circles around the company logo design and ends at the ‘O’ of options with an arrow, reminiscent of the recycling symbol that many of this website’s visitors are intimately familiar with.

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8. Clorox Green Works

Clorox Green Works Eco Friendly Logo

If you are running a company known for its noxious and destructive chemicals, how can you sell a line of ecologically friendly cleaners? For Clorox, the first step is a green logo. This logo has every good element of an eco-savvy logo, from the blue and green (for sky and grass) and the flower accent that just happens to be circular, making people feel more included in this latest green makeover.

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9. Renewable Choice Energy

Renewable Choice Energy Eco Friendly Logo

This energy-focused business educates businesses and consumers about their options for more earth-friendly energy. The company logo design expresses this purpose beautifully. A windmill is placed front and center. The color is not green, like many ecologically related logos, but a sky blue. This color choice is apt because it appears to be the sky behind the windmill. The company name is to the right, with the word ‘choice’ emphasized with the same blue as the graphic.

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10. Sierra Club

Sierra Club Eco Friendly Logo

The Sierra Club is one of the oldest ecological organizations on the globe, so it is easy to see why their logo is and should be different from the rest. The Sierra Club company logo design is in timeless black and white, with a simple picture of a tree with a mountain wilderness in the background. The message? That this organization is timeless and evergreen.

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If you run a company that values a green lifestyle, you should not hesitate to show it in your logo and your corporate branding. Not only is this attitude good for the environment, it is increasingly good for business as green living becomes the cause of our times. Luckily, there are many ways to inject this value into your company logo design. You can choose a round design that connoted unity, a color palate that includes earthy tones such as green and blue, or a graphic that visually represents the planet. You can even break all these rules and try your luck with a completely original design, as a few of our examples have done with great success. When it comes to green logo, the message is as important as the way it is communicated.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.