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Almost everyone owns a pair of sunglasses. While this decision is based on more than fashion alone, many people make this decision with brand sensibility in mind. Eyewear logos are very visible and make a public statement about the wearer’s social class and personal sense of style. The following ten health logos are successful because they make a brand promise, although as we shall see, the promise itself varies according to the market.

1. Oakley Logo Design

Oakley Logo Design
This well-known sunglass maker has one of the most recognizable logos in the business. First, the initial of the company is prominently placed in the shape of an orbital, giving an other-worldly feeling to the image. The shape also ties into the product as it is the shape of a classic sunglass lens. Second, the brand name is written below in an über-modern, science fiction font with pointy edged letters. The sense of innovation and space age technology permeates this logo, which is exactly the image that this logo design is trying to portray.

2. Arnette Logo Design

Arnette Logo Design
The Arnette logo design is visually interesting, with the name written in a slanted font that implies movement. The all lower case lettering gives an informal feeling, while the larger size of the two T’s draws attention to the sole image. This image is difficult to see, but it is actually a lower case A with wings to further express movement.

3. Vuarnet Logo Design

Vuarnet Logo Design
This French brand of sunglasses has maintained a large base of loyal customers for decades and this logo design is part of that success equation. First, an inclusive circle makes up the basic shape of the Vuarnet logo. The V is bold and strong, while the bar across the image adds to the substantial image. The writing is simple and square to avoid taking attention away from the strong shapes. The tagline, ‘La Legende’, refers to the brand’s long history while hinting at the French roots.

4. Carrera Logo Design

Carrera Logo Design
This brand, which has the same name as a famous model of sports car, has chosen to embrace this similarity by implying movement and speed in their logo design. The writing is slanted to imply movement, which is complimented by the wave-like shape of the capital C that makes up the sole image. Sports car red is the dominant color, accented by a metallic silver that is also associated with automobiles.

5. Maui Jim Logo Design

Maui Jim Logo Design
This brand of sunglasses brings a touch of the tropics to people all over the Northern hemisphere with a logo that is distinctly reminiscent of sunny weather. A brightly hued parrot wearing a pair of sunglasses sits in front of a colorful tropical sun. The writing is in an oceanic blue and tilted so that it appears to be a signature. The general tilting of the name and underlining gives a wave-like image that compliments the Hawaiian theme. This logo design is effective because these warm weather images tie into both the name and the brand.

6. Costa Del Mar Logo Design

Costa Del Mar Logo Design
Once again we see the oval that is the shape of a sunglass lens as well as an inclusive and friendly shape. A sunny yellow fills the parts of the shape that are not taken up by a blue ocean wave. The writing is angled to create a sense of movement and written in the same water-like blue. Subtle, sandy colored lines underline the wording to add to the beachy theme. The tagline below invites wearers to ‘see what’s out there’, tying in to the tropical image that this brand is trying to project.

7. Serengeti Logo Design

Serengeti Logo Design
This brand uses its logo design and name to project an image very different from the tropical themes used by their competitors. The name refers to a famous African desert locale, which is complimented by the sandy tan used in the logo image. The S is written in a wavelike design that connotes movement. The rounded square shows tradition and quality without intimidating hard edges, while the writing is as simple and basic as can be. In all, this logo design presents Serengeti as a slightly exotic yet traditional choice.

8. Revo Logo Design

Revo Logo Design
This brand has a logo design that is different from the others in its simplicity. First, there is absolutely no image, save for the writing. Second, the writing is blocky and thick, without any detail except for an accent mark over the E. The writing has hard edges that are balanced by the generally rounded letters. This logo shows how wording alone can create a balanced and recognizable logo design, one that in this case is recognized by eyewear lovers everywhere.

9. Etnia Barcelona Logo Design

Etnia Barcelona Logo Design
This brand has another simple and subtle logo, although there is an implied image. Between the two lines of writing, there are two curved lines that make an image of closed eyes while also adding visual interest to the logo design. The first line is in all lower case letters to give a feeling of familiarity, while a plainer, square font is used for the word ‘Barcelona’ in the second line. The effect is balanced and appropriate for the product, making this a great logo design.

10. Ray-Ban Logo Design

Ray-Ban Logo Design
This brand of eyewear may be the best known of the group, and the logo design is very different from any of the others as well. Ray-Ban’s logo design features a bold, attention getting red background with the brand name written in white for maximum interest. The signature font is different from that of any other eyewear brand, adding to the effect. The diagonal placement of the logo creates a feeling of movement that is particularly important in this industry.
As you can see, eyewear logos can be very different. Some focus on their traditional image, while others try to create the most modern feeling they can. Still others try to invoke images of tropical sunshine. The important thing isn’t so much what the logo communicates as how appropriate this message is to overall branding strategy of the company.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.