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Putting Your Money Where the Logo Is: The Top Ten Financial Services Logos

It takes a lot of persuasion to convince people to trust a company with their hard earned money. Much of the general public is by and large suspicious of companies that handle finances, investments, and banking. This makes having a positive finance identity even more important for financial companies. For this reason, you often will see symbols of strength, honesty, and tradition in the logos of top financial companies. Here are the ten bank logos that do the best job of convincing people to entrust them with their financial future.


Prudential Financial Logo Design
This investment and insurance firm sells itself as ‘solid like a rock’. This insurance brand reinforces this claim. There is a large, rocky mountain with a steep face. This intimidating image, however, is surrounded by a circle. Because the circle is a symbol of inclusion, the message is that people who do business with this company can share in its solid, unwavering financial future. The message of this branding logo design is subconscious enough that it has inspired millions of people to do business with this company.


Merrill Lynch Financial Logo Design
Merrill Lynch is a financial giant that owns many smaller banks while also being heavily involved in the investment and insurance fields. Its choice for a branding logo design is a bull. The animal’s foot and tail are lifted, implying that it is about to charge. This makes the company seem strong and aggressive, which is an accurate representation. Because the bull is the symbol used to describe a market with a rising price (and therefore rising profits for shareholders), this investment capital logo has a double meaning that will be recognized and respected by people who are familiar with this field.


Key Bank Financial Logo Design
This bank uses its motto, “Achieve anything,” in its mortgage symbol. The graphic of this logo is simply a key, with the handle of the key rounded to make it seem inclusive. The attitude that is being communicated is that this financial institution offers the key to achieving success in the financial market. That is an attractive message, and one that has inspired many people to do business with this bank.


Liberty Mutual Financial Logo Design
This company offers mainly insurance services, but it has chosen to base its branding logo design on the patriotism implied by its name. Liberty is a word that is synonymous with freedom, as is the Statue of Liberty. The implication is that this is a patriotic company that cares about the freedom and range of choices available to its customers and investors. Because this company is one of the largest insurers in the world, this credit design has obviously been successful in communicating the company’s message.


Barclay’s Financial Logo Design
Barclay’s is an international financial company with a name and a reputation that is respected throughout the world. Their branding logo design expresses this reputation without words. There is a valiant looking bird, a symbol of aloofness and being above the rest of the world. However, this bird is cleverly shaped like a shield, which connotes strength and protection. In all, this logo gives the impression of a strong company that is above the fray. Every financial institution can benefit from a reputation like this.


Aflac Financial Logo Design
Aflac has chosen to reject the solid image cultivated by other companies, instead focusing on a branding logo design that is friendly and extremely recognizable. The duck that is commonly seen on Aflac commercials is prominently displayed in this logo, with the company name written in rounded, blue letters. Because blue is a calming color and rounded letters less formal than sharper ones, the image is that Aflac is both friendly and easy to deal with.


Bank of America Financial Logo Design
Bank of America is another financial institution that has chosen to incorporate patriotism both into its name and branding logo design. The logo features a stylized American flag, made of rectangles so that it is the shape of a square. It gives the impression of roads intersecting. As with other financial logos, this gives potential customers the impression that they have choices, while also implying movement. Both of these are important values among people looking for a financial institution to do business with.


Charles Schwab Financial Logo Design
How can a text-only logo serve as effective branding logo design? If the company chooses fonts wisely, it is very possible. Charles Schwab is one example of this. The company wisely chooses a bold font with serifs in a business-like black for the last name, with a lighter colored, less serious font for the first name. The message is that this is a serious financial company, but one with e softer side that customers can relate to.


Deutsche Bank Financial Logo Design
This Germany-based bank uses the power of shapes to reinforce their branding logo design. The logo looks like a square with a slash in the middle—taking advantage of the sensible, straightforward image that the square lends to a logo. However, if you look closely, this shape is also a stylized letter ‘D’, which is the first initial of the name. Best of all, this is a highly recognizable logo both because of its simplicity and its difference from all of the other logos in the field of finance and banking.


Wachovia Financial Logo Design
Wachovia is another financial company that chooses to break the rules with its branding logo design. It chooses the square as its main shape, which is typical of the finance business because of its connotation of strength and straightforwardness. However, Wachovia chooses to have the square filled with wave-like shapes in sea-like colors of blue and green. This gives the impression of strength and movement. A financial company that can be both traditional and fluid is more likely to be successful, and customers innately understand this.

As you can see, all of these financial companies have chosen to use a branding logo design that communicates crucial information about their values and strengths in a nonverbal, subconsciously effective way. Because finance is a cutthroat field, logo design just may be the factor that makes or breaks a company. These companies have given themselves a clear advantage by choosing the face of their company wisely.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.