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We don’t think a lot about florist logos, but there is no doubt that they have an impact on consumer behavior. A florist logo design tells you what kind of designs to experience from the business, while also hinting at the quality of the overall experience. The following ten logo designs represent very different businesses, but they represent them well.

1. White Garden Logo Design

White Garden Logo Design
This is perhaps the most contemporary logo design in our group. Instead of flowery colors, the background is a traditional taupe. The rectangle implies tradition and ties together an otherwise very complicated logo design. The writing is simple but made more feminine and flowery by scrolling lines in the background. A doily-like design to the left is overlayed by more detail and even butterflies, while bars of color at the bottom at a little depth to the logo design. This logo design is very different from almost every other florist logo, which helps set it apart as a sophisticated choice in the market.

2. Flowers by Heidi Logo Design

Flowers by Heidi Logo Design
This logo design is nothing if not flowery, with the company name is written in a swirling front and accentuated by the image of three leaves drawn in an equally fancy hand. The name of the hotel hosting this florist is below in most conventional, serious writing, helping to distinguish the companies as two separate entities. The mauve color palette is modern but unmistakably feminine, while the black adds a little weight to the image.

3. Dragonfly Logo Design

Dragonfly Logo Design
The dragonfly image obviously ties into the name of this business, but if you look closely, the fly’s wings are patterned to be similar to leaves. The writing is thin and lower case, which creates a friendly image, but the letters are tall to add interest and a contemporary feeling to the design. The F stretched upward to form part of the dragonfly brings the image and the wording together in a seamless fashion. The color combination of green with red accents is high contrast and pulls the eye into an otherwise calming image.

4. Simply Daisys Logo Design

Simply Daisys Logo Design
This freelance florist has a logo design that is fun and feminine without a touch of seriousness. A leafy green and a fashionable purple make up the main colors, with pops of pink in the flowers dotting the I’s. These bright colors contrast without clashing, creating a colorful image that is not overwhelming or tacky. The writing is rounded and unassuming, creating an overall feeling of flowery fun. It is easy to guess the type of whimsical designs that you can expect from this business, which differentiates it from the many more traditional competitors.

5. On Occasions Logo Design

On Occasions Logo Design
The simple yet abstract picture of a rose dominates the image, with a spiral in the center that implies movement and artistry. While the writing is as traditional and serious as can be, the second O in ‘occasions’ is in a spiral shape that ties in perfectly to the image while adding needed contrast. The color scheme is highly relevant to a florist, with a light green as well as a flowery magenta and even a youthful orange. A scrolling shape beneath the logo design adds emphasis and gives another artistic edge.

6. La Fleur Logo Design

La Fleur Logo Design
This florist logo stands out because is so vibrant. This florist shop offers more than just flowers, which is represented by the different letters in the wording. The irregularity and brightness of the words create a crazy but fun feeling that hints at eccentricity in a positive way. An actual photograph of a bright tropical flower creates a sense of realism and sets the business apart from the average florist. A ‘stitched’ outline in an oval shape gives the logo design a defined border while also adding friendliness to an already friendly design.

7. The Magickal Florist Logo Design

The Magickal Florist Logo Design
The ‘Olde English’ spelling and the name itself both hint at a florist shop that is very different from the rest. The logo design does this as well, showing not just a flowering tree, but scrolling, rolling roots. The wording is a little simple but has wavy serifs that add an edge of creativity.The general shape of the logo design is a little reminiscent of psychedelic, hippy drawings, which likely was the intended effect. This florist logo obviously was intended to appeal to a very different audience, and it will be very successful in that goal.

8. Lubliner Florists Logo Design

Lubliner Florists Logo Design
Instead of being bright and flowery, this florist chooses to set an ultra-modern, sophisticated tone with a simple, black and white color scheme. The writing is ultra-basic, thin and plain, which adds an unassuming and more approachable feeling to a logo that might otherwise have been too stuffy. The I in the first word stretches up elegantly to form a simple, beautiful flower. The suggestion of this logo design is that this florist shop offers simple and elegant designs that appeal to people with minimalist sensibilities.

9. Kaleidoscope Flowers Logo Design

Kaleidoscope Flowers Logo Design
This floral shop also uses black and white for a sophisticated effect, this time with a pop of leafy green in the image. The flowery, ornate initial closed in by a square offers a pleasing mix of tradition and creativeness that suggests a well-rounded florist shop. The name of the business is written in bright white letters in a scrolling, feminine script. The only improvement we would make to the logo design is to remove the faux backlighting from the business name—it is distracting and in some sizes may reduce readability.

10. Prickly Pair Logo Design

Prickly Pair Logo Design
The name is rather “punny”, but this is more than made up for by the simple, attractive logo design. The writing is as basic as it could possibly be, but this allows the attention to be placed on the way the K extends into a beautiful cactus flower. The high contrast of dark green and bold magenta is eye-catching without going overboard. This logo may be one of the simplest on this list, but it is nonetheless attractive and inviting.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.