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Top 10 Forward Thinking Logos: Food is no longer just a way of nourishing yourself; for many people, it’s a way of living and a general philosophy. The following companies and the food logos that represent them offer food as a form of forward thinking, each in very different ways.

1. Chez Panisse Forward Logo Design

Chez Panisse Logo Design
Back when the word ‘organic’ referred to molecules made of carbon, Chez Panisse was a West Coast pioneer in local, healthy, socially responsible, and, yes, organic stuff. This restaurant continues to set the pace for other forward-thinking restaurants while offering some of the best cuisines in the world. The organic logo for this restaurant presents it as a classically excellent choice, with a wreath of laurels (ancient Greek symbol of champions) enclosing the restaurant name in old fashioned cursive. The simple black and white is timeless and sophisticated at the same time.

2. Serve Your Country Logo Design

Serve Your Country Logo Design
This organization offers, among other things, a guide to buying from small local farms. For many people, buying local and patronizing small businesses is a key issue in food politics. Because this political organization logo offers somewhat of a grassroots effort, the logo is handmade and somewhat irregular, with the name written in lower case letters in unevenly sized and colored watercolors. The plain gray and black gives a serious feeling that somewhat offsets the slight children logo. The feeling is a small, homegrown company with serious aims and nothing to prove, which is uniquely representative of this organization.

3. Plum Organics Forward Thinking Logo Design

Plum Organics Logo Design
For parent suspicious of conventional choices, Plum Organics offers a healthy and eco-friendly logo alternative to conventional baby edibles. The logo ties into this, with the name written in the signature plum color with a small green leaf coming off the side. The scrolling cursive writing is wavy and implies positive change, while the image is balanced by the word ‘organics’ written in non-threatening thin, lower case letters. Although there is no reference to edibles, the simple and understated nature of this logo design makes it a winner.

4. Balanced Choices Forward Logos

Balanced Choices Logo Design
While adults everywhere are trying to make better health choices, our children are often left to greasy, over-processed school foods with nary a vegetable in sight. When healthy choices are offered, they are lost in the sea of pizza and tater tots. The Balanced Choices program aims to end this, offering a selection of healthy menus for kids to choose from, with the best choices clearly marked with this logo. The green is representative of health and vegetables, while the blue is calming and trustworthy. The triangle might refer to strength, but more likely to the well-known food triangle. The lettering is a mix of upper and lower case, a balanced approach that subtly ties into the name. Whether this logo design can convince high school children to choose broccoli over French fries remains to be seen, but it is an attractive and attention-grabbing attempt.

5. The Raw Food Directory Logo Design

The Raw Directory Logo Design
Raw food is another popular cause, with many people seeking restaurants, grocery stores, and other eating establishments catering to this dietary niche. This directory helps people find raw eating establishments in their area. The green is a natural choice, while the magenta catches the eye. As a bonus, both are common colors seen in raw foods. Leaves refer to the vegetarian ingredients with stars for excellence. A balance of thick and thin, upper and lower case writing creates an interesting and memorable image.

6. Bella Cucina Artful Thinking Logos

Bella Cucina Artful Food Logo Design
With so many establishments offering fast-food, slow-food is another forward thinking food cause of our day. This supplier offers more artful and well thought out choices for discerning diners. Every element of this logo is intended to suggest old world appeal and quality, from the gold swirls to the old fashioned font to the initial enclosed in a detailed circle. A black and gold color scheme is as classic as it gets, making this logo design a simple yet effective logo designing.

7. Pizza Fusion Forward Thinking Logo Design

Pizza Fusion Logo Design
How many organic pizza chains are there in this country? Exactly one. This hip, the green restaurant offers a healthy and ecologically friendly alternative America’s favorite fast-food. The pizza logo design is simple and modern, with the tomato taking center stage. Simple black writing enclosed with the fruit in a street sign shaped image give a memorable and well-balanced image that is finished nicely by the simple and straightforward tagline below.

8. Millennium Restaurant Logo Design

Millennium Restaurant Logo Design
How does a restaurant offering green, local choices work their ideology into a pleasing logo design? This is one excellent example. Millennium uses a grayscale color scheme and simple lettering that is modern and appealing. Instead of a plate and flatware, the image uses inclusive nested circles and two vegetables. This is uniquely relevant to Millennium while still hinting at eating out. It’s impossible for a green foods enthusiast to see this logo and not be just a little intrigued.

9. Visalia Farmer’s Market Logo Design

Visalia Farmer’s Market Logo Design
Farmer’s markets are at the root of the progressive-food-scene, so it seemed appropriate to evaluate two very different farmer’s market logos here. The first is a classic green, hinting at nature and ecology. The lines resemble crop lines, while the rounded bottom hints at a valley, which is where this farming area is located. A variety of fonts and lettering sizes are used, but the effect is balanced and attractive without a hint of clutter. The result is a homegrown, somewhat rural-looking logo design that is clearly meant for a farmer’s market.

10. Tulsa Farmer’s Market Logo Design

Tulsa Farmer’s Market Logo Design
This farmer’s market logo design shows a very different approach. The black and off-white color palette is more sophisticated, with the city’s skyline adding to the urban feeling. However, rolling hills with cropland sit at the skyscrapers’ feet. This farmer’s market is not at all in a rural area, as the last one was, so it needs a very different image to represent it. This second approach is just as effective and similarly appropriate to its area.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.