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Much has been said about the logos of major gaming platforms, from X-Box to the Nintendo Wii. However, these are not the only logos on a video game box. In fact, game design companies are big business, and their professional, thoughtfully created logos show it. Because of the nature of the industry, these logos tend to be more fun than the average logo, so be prepared for a lot of creativity and even a few surprises! Here are five gamer logos that are both effective and widely recognized throughout the gaming world.

1. Ubisoft Video Game Logo Design

Ubisoft Video Game Logo Design
This gaming company manages to use not just a circle, but several of them stacked inside each other. Not only does this create an artistic, visually attractive image, it also incorporates the friendliness and inclusion of the circle. The blue color palette is calming and soothing, implying that these games will offer an escape from the cares of day to day life. Gamers will look at this image and feel that this is a company that welcomes them, that makes games especially for their unique needs. That may be part of the reason for this company’s astounding success.

Ubisoft Official Website

2. Insomniac Video Game Logo Design

Insomniac Video Game Logo Design
Gamers are well known night owls, which is why this name and this logo are so appropriate. The background color is a deep blue that is reminiscent of night, but also calming. The writing is bold, but has an informal feeling. Instead of an ‘O’, a full moon is used in the logo, tying back into the name. A light blue line around the name makes it appear to be glowing slightly in the moonlight. In all, this eye-catching software logo is perfect for this company.

Insomniac Official Website

3. Q-Games Video Game Logo Design

Q-Games Video Game Logo Design
As we can see from the logo, this video game developer is trying to present a solid, established image. First, the logo is drawn as a 3-D image of a large, square ‘Q’. The lettering beneath is square as well, adding to the substantial image. A graded blue throughout the logo is relaxing and makes the logo seem more modern.

Q-Games Gaming Website

4. Blue Fang Video Game Logo Design

Blue Fang Video Game Logo Design
This logo is square, but that’s the only straightforward element in the image. The color is a blue and brown mix that appears to have been finger painted, giving a creative and even slightly juvenile edge to the image. The serrations in the image tie directly into the name as they are developed to resemble the teeth in fangs. Hard edged yet playful, this logo gives a well rounded image of the company it represents.

Blue Fang Gaming Website

5. Kee Games Video Game Logo Design

Kee Games Video Game Logo Design
This is one of the oldest game developers and no longer in business, yet their logo is recognizable to gaming fans all over the world. While the logo successfully incorporates the initials into the image, it also manages to create a picture that looks like a person sitting in front of a gaming console. The simplicity of this logo is very different from the complicated nature of modern video game company logos, yet still incredibly effective and interesting.

Atari Console Games Website

6. PopCap Video Game Logo Design

PopCap Video Game Logo Design
This game developer creates what are known as ‘casual games’, that is, games that are played more occasionally for a quick dose of fun. These games tend to be reminiscent of retro games from the eighties, which may explain the different type of logo. An inclusive circle is the dominant shape, with a retro writing style as well as an Americana color scheme that brings viewers back to the good old days. The gray rim around the logo makes it appear to be a soda cap, tying in to the name.

PopCap Computer Games Website

7. Origin Video Game Logo Design

Origin Video Game Logo Design
This gaming company has a cloudy, blue night sky as the background of their straightforward square logo. The square shape is complimented by the newsy writing, but there are plenty of creative accents to offset this image. Two separate waves double the feeling of forward movement, while the star implies excellence. This logo combines quality and fun in a way that is well balanced and appropriate for the industry.

Origin Video Games Websites

8. Midway Video Game Logo Design

Midway Video Game Logo Design
This logo is relatively simple, yet uses a variety of elements. First, the ‘M’ image could also be seen as a roller coaster or other carnival ride, tying into the name in two completely different ways. It is bright red, which is guaranteed to catch the eye. Second, shape is used effectively, from the inclusive circle to two different strong triangles used to form the letter. The writing is thick and black, adding to this strong image, but slanted to give a feeling of movement.

Midway Platform Games Website

9. Spiderweb Video Game Logo Design

Spiderweb Video Game Logo Design
This logo is yet another example of simplicity ruling the day. The lettering is flowing yet gothic, definitely giving the impression of being made from spider web. The design is simple enough to lend itself well to a variety of situations and color schemes, which is important because it must be present in many different websites and on various game packaging.

Spiderweb Online Gaming Website

10. Bungie Video Game Logo Design

Bungie Video Game Logo Design
This successful gaming company has a relatively simple logo compared to many of the others, but an effective and expressive one nonetheless. The company name is written in plain, blocky, black letters. The only detail or spot of color is the blue ball that dots the ‘I’, which is bright to add a focal point. The wavy line preceding the ball gives the toy a sense of movement, but also adds a forward thinking wave shape to the design. The ball is a common object used for play, so the good-natured image is hard to miss.

Bungie Games Engine Website

What makes a video gaming logo work? For some, it’s the creative accents: a blue sky, a hand-painted background. Others manage to make more traditional motifs work well. What these logos all have in common is that they are unique to the company they represent and that they were professionally designed. Luckily, these companies will never have to find out whether they could have achieved success with a lesser logo. There are many X-Box game reviews websites out there and you can read more about the various console games and the companies behind them. These logos give the companies the professional image they need to succeed.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.