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Everyone knows what the Google logo design looks like, right? However, few people realize that Google has a variety of programs, each with a logo that stands on its own while also tying into the company’s overall scheme and there are many logo design lessons one can learn from Google. Here are Google’s ten best logos, along with why they are so great.

1. Google (parent company) Logo Design

Google Logo Design
The Google logo design is simple, which may be part of the reason that it is recognized throughout the world. The elementary color palette suggests that the program is both fun and easy to operate. The simple, newsy font implies straightforwardness and factualness. The simplicity of this logo design and the brand that it represents has allowed the brand to encompass a wide variety of products and thus contributed to the growth of the company.

2. Google Chrome Logo Design

Google Chrome Logo Design
Google recently introduced a web browser with a web logo that has received mixed reviews. Regardless of how you feel about the logo, there is no denying that it is appropriate and attractive. This web 2.0 logo design has a round and inclusive shape that is common in web browser logos while also having a high tech image that is sure to appeal to both computer geeks and the mainstream. The bright colors that make up the palette are not just fun and elementary; they also are the main logo’s color scheme as well. It has been pointed out that this logo somewhat resembles the ‘Simon’ toy that was an eighties favorite.

3. Gmail Logo Design

Gmail Logo Design
This is another simple yet sweet logo. The familiar Google color scheme is used, along with the standard Google font based logo. The initial letter ‘G’ is even the same color as the initial ‘G’ in the Google logo, making it easy to identify the program with the company. The sole image in this logo design is that of the name, with a capital ‘M’ modified to look like a standard mail envelope. This is not only a fitting image for this popular Google Mail for Business program, but an equally fitting one for this brand.

4. Google Earth Logo Design

Google Earth Logo Design
This popular Google program allows users to zero in on just about any area of the world. The central image is of an inclusive orb, which in a deep blue relates directly to the Earth. The wavy lines covering the sphere are reminiscent of weather patterns while also implying movement and innovation. The silver color implies excellence, which is one attribute that most Google users expect of the company.

5. Google Desktop Logo Design

Google Desktop Logo Design
This program brings some of Google’s most popular functions to the user’s actual personal computer, allowing them to access their information in a more streamlined way even without internet access. The computer logo is simply that of Google, but with the second ‘O’ made of swirling colors. The way the colors come together to form a circle implies that this program will help all of your computer’s functions come together in a more accessible way, which makes this logo design very inviting for people looking to streamline their computer use and get the most out of every gigabyte.

6. Picasa Logo Design

Picasa Logo Design
The image that makes up this logo design is a friendly circle in the recognizable Google color palette. The circle is drawn so that it appear to be a camera’s shutter closing, which is directly relevant to this picture editing program. The use of bright colors in the logo design combined with the circle create an elementary school feeling that implies that anyone at all can use this program, which is important because ease of use is one of this software’s ket brand promises.

7. Google Talk Logo Design

Google Talk Logo Design
This program allows users to share messages and files, all with the ease of use and innovative functions that Google is known for. The word talk is written in letters that are bold and plain, but in the familiar Google color scheme. A cartoonish logo bubble makes up the sole image, relating directly to the program function. Google’s logo sits above the program logo, but in a gray color that allows the ‘Talk’ to take center stage.

8. Google Wave Logo Design

Google Wave Logo Design
Again we see the familiar Google colors, this time in a wave-like image that is attractive and communicative. The movement of the image implies, well, movement, while the shape is definitely that of a ‘W’, tying into the initial of the name. The image resembles a roll of paper being unfurled, which is appropriate for a program that deals mainly with communication.

9. Blogger Logo Design

Blogger Logo Design
Google is all about rounded, inclusive shapes, so the Blogger logo was softened and rounded when the company was acquired by the computer giant. The square was turned into a rounded square shape, while the bold upper case letters were softened and, except for the initial letter, put into the lower case for a less substantial energy. The big orange B, however, was retained to create brand continuity. This is a good example of how an existing brand can be modified to fit a new company or a new outlook.

10. SketchUp Logo Design

SketchUp Logo Design
This is one program that most Google users will never interact with, but that doesn’t diminish the impact of the logo design. The image is merely that of a house with a pencil in front of it, representing the fact that this is a 3D modeling program used by architects and engineers. The house is simple in shades of brown, while the pencil is an eye catching red, which puts the emphasis on the drawing abilities of the program. The pencil is doubly important because one of the key features of the program is that it allows users to virtually sketch their projects the way they would on paper.
When it comes to logo design, Google clearly sets the standard and Google is the most valuable brand of the world. This company has not just one, but several logos that are all attractive, simple, and perfect for the products and services that they represent. Despite the many different logos and the origin of the Google logo, they all tie in to the parent brand, showing how a company’s brand can be expanded to accommodate a wide range of new features.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.