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Green is more than a color: it is the quiet calm of nature, a representative of health and safety, and even a lifestyle movement. Few colors are as expressive or as heavily loaded with meaning as this one. We wrote about the top 10 blue colored logos in the past too. The following ten green logos use this color to communicate important information about their companies, although they approach this in very different ways.

1. Greentack Logo Design

Greentack Logo Design
Green living is a huge cause lately, and many people will buy a new product simply because it is the green alternative to the brand they currently use. Greentack is just one of the many green products overtaking the market, and it has logo designs that are representative of the genre as well. The name of the company is written in rounded lower case letters that are friendly and inviting, with the image of a leaf above in a coordinating color of green. Like many green companies, this one uses a tagline to reinforce the idea that they are an ecologically friendly force.

2. Vivaio Logo Design

Vivaio Logo Design
The Vivaio logo design also uses a leaf as the main image, although there are some differences here. First, the lettering is not friendly in any way, but instead sophisticated and upscale in a capital point in black with pointy serifs. This rather severe image is enclosed in a circle, which adds a little friendliness to balance the writing. This is a good example of how the same image—a leaf in this case—can be transformed into two very different logo designs.

3. The Bug World Experience Logo Design

The Bug World Experience Logo Design
In this logo design for a museum specializing in insects, the dominant shape is a green sphere relating to the ‘world’ in question. A small bug on the globe looks curiously at viewers. A banner across the globe advertises the museum as a truly interesting experience. This logo design will appeal to families and children visiting the area, which is likely the target audience.

4. Spring Breeze Medicine Logo Design

Spring Breeze Medicine Logo Design
A medical practice with inclinations toward holistic medicine can use green to show their natural side. Again we see a friendly circle in a shocking green shade. A wavelike shape across the sphere gives a feeling of movement. The name is written first in Chinese and then in a very simple font, both in a rich metallic gold that suggests wealth and riches. While this logo design is clearly created for a specific culture, it nonetheless has elements that are successful with a variety of backgrounds.

5. Wishpot Logo Design

Wishpot Logo Design
This wish list website has a much more whimsical logo. We see once again the extremely rounded, lower case writing. The sole image is a flower rising out of the H, with petals flying into the wind as though blown off in the midst of a wish. This logo design is whimsical and wistful, enough to make anyone remember their childhood longings and their adult ones as well.

6. Green Party Logo Design

Again we see a leaf, but this time, it is very different from any of the leaf images we have seen so far. The leaf, in this case, is ultra-stylized and set against a black background. The name of the party is written in gray, adding a business-like touch to the mixture. The tagline below is written in the same font as the leaf and offers insight into the political aims of the party itself.

7. Planet Green Logo Design

Planet Green Logo Design
What could make more sense for a company named for a green planet than an actual green planet? In this case. The planet is a friendly, inclusive shape that makes viewers feel as though they are welcome with this business. This friendly image is furthered by the lower case writing in a non-confrontational font. This image is very simple, but every detail has been thought out well, which is a sign of good logo design.

8. Gifted by Nature Logo Design

Gifted by Nature Logo Design
Here we see a green background in a beautiful green print with a white image and wording to create a clean and high contrast logo design. The image is a gift with a leafy vine as a bow. The cursive is artsy and not even a little traditional, creating a creative brand that will appeal to their target consumer. A tagline below explains the key brand values, although the logo is expressive enough that it really could do without this. Because Gifted by Nature offers organic and eco-friendly gifts, a green logo design and brand are certainly perfect here.

9. Chaophya Park Logo Design

Chaophya Park Logo Design
This upscale resort has a brand that demands a green logo design, with natural leanings, organic spa treatments, and food is grown onsite for the restaurants. The writing is serious in upper case letters with serifs, while the dark forest green is more relaxing and soothing than a brighter use of color in the logo would be. The image is off palm fronds combined with a wave, which is very appropriate for a tropical seaside resort. This logo design combines the important and salient aspects of the brand into an attractive and coherent image.

10. Playdom Logo Design

Playdom Logo Design
This business specializes in making iPhone applications allowing users to play their favorite Facebook games on their phone. As such, a playful logo design is definitely in order. Although green is often seen as a natural or calming color, here it is modern and bright, hinting at the technology that this business specializes in. The image is a serrated circle enclosing two P’s and a crown, tying into the name while adding a friendly touch. The friendly feeling is furthered by the tagline below. Black solid letters lend a business-like touch without being too overwhelming.
As you can see, a green logo can mean a variety of things and be drawn in many different ways. It doesn’t have to be cliché or boring, or even ecological. If you think green may be the perfect color palette for your new logo design, contact a logo designer about the many possibilities.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.