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What makes a high energy logo? There are a variety of ways to communicate the movement and vigor. A high energy product needs a dynamic, energetic food and drink logos just like these top 10 beverage logos.

1. Red Bull Logo Design

Red Bull Logo Design
Red Bull is the golden standard of energy drinks, with about ten percent of the market share. The logo ties in closely to the name, with two red bulls about to face off. The aggressive stance also suggests the energy and vigor that the drink promises. The circular gold sun in the background centers the eye on the two bulls, while the overwhelmingly red and yellow colors make the logo eye catching and lend a sense of urgency. The writing is thick, bold, and plain, adding yet more strength to the logo without detracting from the image.

2. 5-Hour Energy Logo Design

5-Hour Energy Logo Design
This brand of energy shots claims to offer the benefits of a traditional energy drink in a more compact form and without the well-known ‘crash’. The logo portrays a more natural drink as well, showing a man running up a cliff next to a blue mass that could be interpreted as an ocean or rolling hills. The red and yellow of the Red Bull logo are present, but there are calming blues as well. The circular shape of the logo promotes the impression that this is a more health-friendly choice for the energy drink consumer.

3. Full Throttle Logo Design

Full Throttle Logo Design
This energy drink seeks a younger image by using a logo that is similar to many youth oriented clothing and band labels. The letters are dramatically arranged, a drama that is further bolstered by the black and white colors with red accents around the letters. The letters are thick and pointy, bearing a striking similarity to common rock band logos such as that of Metallica. However, the semi-circular placement along with the comparatively large size of the letter ‘o’ add a touch of inclusiveness that will appeal to the younger generation.

4. Monster Logo Design

Monster Logo Design
Is a monster a positive image? Apparently it must be, because this energy incorporates this image into its name and its logo with great success. The ‘M’ that makes up the central image of the logo is drawn so that it appears to be torn with a monster’s claws. The black and bright green combination is energetic and attention grabbing while also being different from the color palettes of most other energy drink. The writing is also jagged to compliment the rest of the logo. This logo is decidedly monstrous, but striking and communicative in the same stroke.

5. Zipfizz Logo Design

Zipfizz Logo Design
This is not an energy drink per se, but rather a powder that, when added to water, creates a fizzy, light energy drink. As such, the logo is very different from other energy drink logos. The rounded, all lower case letters give a friendly feeling. The bubbles that make up the image are also friendly shapes, but they refer to the bubbles in the drink as well. The wavy shape in the middle of the bubbles makes them also appear similar to a molecule or atom, referring to the science that went into creating this drink. A wavy shape also symbolizes forward movement, giving the impression that this is an innovative energy beverage.

6. Jolt Logo Design

Jolt Logo Design
Jolt was one of the first energy drinks to hit the mass market, and as is appropriate this logo is practically a prototype for other energy product logos. The familiar red and yellow color palette is seen, although the yellow is modified to a metallic gold. The lightning bolt refers to the name as well. The letters are pointy and arranged to further the electric image that the product name and the image refer to.

7. Vault Logo Design

Vault Logo Design
The drink’s tagline is the key to understanding the Vault logo: ‘Drinks like a soda. Kicks like an energy drink.” The V of the logo has a missing piece—the energy hovering above it, suggesting that this is a more complete drink than the others. The strength of the triangle is another strong message, as both the V and the missing piece use this shape. Energetic green is an accent to the black and silver color palette of the logo. This logo is intelligently and cleverly designed, which may be part of the drink’s success.

8. Crunk!!! Logo Design

Crunk!!! Logo Design
The name of the energy drink as well as the logo suggest that this is a product aimed at a young, urban market. The exclamation points add vigor to the name and the logo, while the star shape centered behind the initial letter gives an impression of quality and star appeal. The slightly slanted lettering makes the logo feel like it has movement. The red, gray, and black color palette is sophisticated and attention getting at the same time.

9. Revive Energy Mints Logo Design

Revive Energy Mints Logo Design
This energy mint claims to be a healthier alternative to the average energy drink. The colorful color palette combined with the multi-hued berries bolster this safer, healthier image by making it appear elementary as well as different from most other energy products. Mint leaves graphically represent the flavor of the product as well. The paint splatters behind the logo suggest that the product is dynamic and moving. Once again, rounded lower case letters suggest friendliness, which adds to the healthier, more natural image, while the slightly upward moving orientation of the logo implies change in an upward, positive direction.

10. Zygo Logo Design

Zygo Logo Design
Can vodka be an energy drink? According to Zygo, the ‘energy vodka’, absolutely! The logo is made up simply of letters, which are large, bold, and in all caps, without any embellishment. This implies a simple, strong product. Below the logo is the product tagline: ‘the morning vodka’. While no one would recommend vodka as a morning beverage, this logo is eye catching and simple enough to be remembered.
Are you feeling tired? These products promise through more than words to revive and inspire you. Energy drinks are becoming increasingly popular, so a truly great logo is necessary to make a mark in this image-conscious market.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.