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Lean and Clean: Product Logos from Around the Home

Although you probably don’t realize it, there are more logos around your home than on even the most comprehensive logo website. This is because cleaning and other home products are big business in the United States. Manufacturers are constantly jostling to be the bottle you pick up from the grocery store shelf without even a thought. These cleaning service logos and other home and kitchen logos are lean, clean winners in the world of home cleaning products.

1. Tide Logo Design

Tide Logo Design
The Tide laundry detergent logo has been through many reincarnations and revisions, but all of them have had the familiar red and yellow spiral that is associated with the product. The latest version of Tide’s professional cleaning logo has dark blue letters—appropriate because blue is a soothing color—and an image in the upper left hand corner of clean, white linens hanging on a clothesline. The message is that this is a dynamic, bold cleaner—one that will lead to the peace of clean linens and blue skies.

2. Clorox Green Works Logo Design

Clorox Green Works Logo Design
This line of cleaning products is trying to look just a little greener and more earth friendly than other products, and this deserved a whole new professional business logo. The new logo uses the colors of the earth, deep blue and green, along with a bold, sun-like flower that appears to be rising on the horizon. The company wants you to think that this is a new, greener day for them, and the logo does a great job of expressing that.

3. Swiffer Logo Design

Swiffer Logo Design
Swiffer wants to revolutionize the way that you clean your home, with a long line of disposable products that are aimed at making your housekeeping a little easier. This message is expressed by the color scheme of the professional business logo for the product, with relaxing blues and greens. The spiraling shape is often associated with cleaning, while the sans-serif letters are bubbling and friendly. In all, this logo makes you want to use the product, which makes it an easy winner.

4. Comet Logo Design

Comet Logo Design
Comet’s scratch-free products have been a household staple for decades now. With such a timeless professional business logo, it’s easy to see why. The container is a shiny green that feels clean and earth-friendly. There is a red oval, making people feel included. The comet that the product is named after is prominently displayed with a shiny gold star at the front. Because gold stars are given in school for excellence, the suggestion is that this product is an excellent choice.

5. Hoover Logo Design

Hoover Logo Design
Hoover is perhaps one of the best known names in cleanliness, and with such a recognizable logo it is easy to see why. There is a red circle—an inclusive shape with an attention-getting color—with the product name in white, vintage lettering. Because the logo is so simple, it is easy to recognize even by people who have never owned a product made by this brand. The professional business logo has remained largely unchanged in years, making it all the more recognizable.

6. Mr. Clean Logo Design

Mr. Clean Logo Design
This cleaning guy is recognized around the world by housewives who depend on his services. From cleaning sprays to the Magic Eraser, this professional business logo is nearly ubiquitous in American households. Part of this product’s popularity is the trustworthiness of the character who is the face of the company. What started as a joke—because few men at the time were involved in cleaning—has become an icon, which is exactly what every company wants their logo to be.

7. Arm & Hammer Logo Design

Arm & Hammer Logo Design
This cleaning giant has a recognizable professional business logo that goes back to the mid-nineteenth century. The arm and hammer in the logo (and the name) represent Vulcan, the Roman god of the forge. Exactly what this Roman god has to do with modern cleaning is hard to connect, but luckily the logo has other strong points. It is in a circle, making people feel included, and also it is attention-getting red. The tagline – “the standard of purity” – adds to this product’s squeaky clean image.

8. Method Logo Design

Method Logo Design
This cleaning product line is another one of the many green cleaning products flooding the market. From its professional business logo, this intention is clear. The lettering is in a fresh green, while the first letter has a dot under it that suggests an exclamation mark. The tagline reads “a cleaner clean”; while a circle in the corner claims it cleans like a mother. In all this seems like a product that you can believe in.

9. Dyson Logo Design

Dyson Logo Design
Dyson claims to be revolutionary in the world of vacuum cleaners, but its professional business logo follows all of the rules. This vacuum cleaner is known for its ‘Dyson ball’ vacuums, and as such, it is very appropriate that the letters of the logo are so rounded. Round images make people feel that they are part of something, in this case part of a vacuum cleaner company that has completely overhauled the way vacuums are designed and manufactured.

10. Merry Maids

Merry Maids Logo Design
This cleaning service has a professional business logo that might appeal more to the modern woman than any of the previous nine. The green is a relaxing, natural color that makes women want to trust this organization and its employees. The tagline ‘Relax. It’s Done.’ appeals to modern women who have way too much on their to-do list. In all, many people will see this logo and really want to hire the cleaning service it represents, which makes it a very successful logo indeed.

While many people think that they choose cleaning products randomly, the fact is that there are millions of dollars being spent on logos that influence your attitude toward a product. Logo design is big business because of the effectiveness of these graphics. If you want to have the same effect on your own customers, consider having a professional logo designer create a logo that gives your and your products a chance in a competitive market.

Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.