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In the dead heat of summer, few things sound as good as an ice cream cone, sundae, or frozen yogurt. If a summer treat company has a cool, refreshing cafe logo, they can be sure that their parlors will be full during the warm weather months. Here are some ice cream and frozen yogurt shop logos from well-known establishments that entice customers with their use of color, shape, and image.

1. Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Shop Logo Design

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Shop Logo Design
This well known national chain has one key brand element that is represented in their logo: their offering of thirty-one flavors. Their logo is in a blue and pink color meant to appeal to the young and the young at heart, while the thick, slightly tilted letters also convey a child-like image. In a clever way, the B and R that are the store’s initials also make a ‘31’, which refers to the store’s number of available flavors. This logo is well-recognized throughout the United States and even the world, making it an effective branding element. Read about the Baskin Robins logo makeover.

2. Dairy Queen Ice Cream Shop Logo Design

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Shop Logo Design
This fast food establishment offers a full line of foods but is best known for their ice cream treats. The logo is not just an eye-catching red, but in the shape of lips. The arc-like waves are not just a symbol of movement and change; the orange wave above the lettering represents the company’s hot foods, while the blue wave below represents the cold treats. These tie into the company tagline: Hot Eats, Cool Treats. The change in branding from Dairy Queen to DQ is also reflected in this branding, as the company’s initials are front and center in an italicized font.

3. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop Logo Design

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop Logo Design
This logo avoids the cute and childish, instead presenting the brand as a grown-up treat that people of all ages can enjoy. The black, gold, and white color palette is sophisticated, while the banner like shape of the logo suggests quality and excellence. The letters are bold with serifs, making the company appear large and substantial. However, the logo has small imperfections that make it appear homemade, hinting at the artisanal nature of the ice cream.

4. Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Shop Logo Design

Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Shop Logo Design
This ice cream shop is a current favorite due to the almost infinite number of flavor combinations that customers can custom create. The logo has a classic color scheme for casual restaurants: red and yellow. The writing is bold with serifs, but there are a few swirls and long serifs to add interest. An inclusive circle holds a swirling ice cream cone in one of the chain’s signature waffle cones. This logo might be more personal to the company if it somehow—outside of the name, that is—communicated the aspect that makes the company so popular—the cold stone slab on which the ice cream is mixed.

5. TCBY Ice Cream Shop Logo Design

TCBY Ice Cream Shop Logo Design
This ice cream store promises the country’s best yogurt, but the logo screams traditional ice cream shop. From the red lettering to the thick letters to the ice cream cone beside the name, this logo incorporates many elements that are generally seen in establishments offering less healthy treats. Because most frozen yogurt buyers want a frozen treat that tastes like traditional ice cream without the drawbacks, this similarity to other logos may be one successful part of the branding.

6. Pinkberry Ice Cream Shop Logo Design

Pinkberry Ice Cream Shop Logo Design
This frozen yogurt shop has gained quite a following despite being located in only a few cities, partially due to the healthier nature of its products. The less sweetened yogurt is tangier than the average frozen treat and a variety of healthy toppings such as fresh fruit and granola are available for the health conscious consumer to choose from. The logo shows this value with a primarily green color, as this is a hue generally associated with plants and healthy foods. The image to the right of the words features the pink berry for which the chain is named, in a round, friendly shape.

7. Dippin Dots Ice Cream Shop Logo Design

Dippin Dots Ice Cream Shop Logo Design
This ice cream is different from others because it is deep frozen into tiny balls that melt into ice cream as they are eaten. The logo is in soft, pastel colors with casual lower case writing. Pastel dots refer to the nature of the product while also forming a friendly, inclusive circle. The tagline is written at the bottom: ‘the ice of the future’. It is impossible to look at this logo and not understand that this ice cream is different from the competition, making it a clear winner.

8. Carvel Ice Cream Shop Logo Design

Carvel Ice Cream Shop Logo Design
This regional ice cream chain offers the same playful blue and pink color scheme as many other frozen treat shops, but with a key difference. The colors are used as outlining on otherwise white letters that are in a thick, traditional font with serifs. To the right is a soft serve ice cream cone with sprinkles arcing toward it in a wave-like shape that connotes movement and growth. Because this company is constantly growing and offering new products and locations, this is a very appropriate image.

9. Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream and Treatery Logo Design

Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream and Treatery Logo Design
This ice cream shop offers the familiar pink and blue colors, but in a circular shape that is friendly and inviting. The cow that is the central character of the store is in the center of the circle smiling. The playful lettering appeals to children and families, while the use of a character is a good branding move for these audiences as well. The use of ‘treatery’ in the name rather than ‘eatery’ is a play on words that makes the store all the more inviting.

10. Foster’s Freeze Ice Cream Shop Logo Design

Foster’s Freeze Ice Cream Shop Logo Design
Like Dairy Queen and other ice cream stores, Foster’s Freeze offers a full line of fast food products. However, the company focus is on the ice cream as well as the general retro experience of the store. The logo retains the inviting fifties image with old-fashioned cursive writing while the wording ‘old fashion’ further portray’s this image. The ice cream cone character resembles the soft serve cone that is the establishment’s best known product, while adding more retro charm. The deep blue color palette is cool and inviting.
Mash Bonigala

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