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People can live without jewelry and watches, yet most people wear both often, on a daily basis in fact. Jewelry logos are selling an expensive product that has no physical use but is nonetheless very valuable as a sign of affection and upward mobility. As such, these fashion logos must appeal to emotion and suggest that the product is worth the hefty price and developing accessory logo is to be taken seriously.

What makes a jewelry logo a success? First, you won’t see a lot of splashy images here. The most beautiful jewelry tends to be simple and striking, so most such logos are as well. However, some find success using a simple image that is connected to the industry, such as a diamond. Also, very few colors are used, for a sophisticated and timeless feeling. These logos are all very different images that nonetheless have inspired people of all classes to buy this powerful status symbol.

1. Zales Jewelry Logo Design

Zales Jewelry Logo Design
What logo could be more recognizable than the iconic Zales logo? There are several elements that make this logo so easy to pick out in the crowd. First the black and white color palette is simple and classy, appropriate for the goods being sold. Second, the font is bold in all caps but also simple, without any embellishment except for a small accent on the ‘A’, This accent is an upside down triangle, which is a symbol of strength while also referring to Zales’ key product: diamond jewelry.

2. Cartier Jewelry Logo Design

Cartier Logo Design
Cartier also chooses simplicity as a selling point for their logo, in this case a simple script logo that suggests polished beauty. The script makes it easy for the company to brand, using the signature font in communications. This logo also uses a plain, timeless black color palette. The Cartier brand exudes luxury not only because of the logo design but also because of their whole brand strategy.

3. Tiffany & Co. Jewelry Logo Design

Tiffany & Co. Logo Design
This logo uses a plain, newsy font in black, but the background is often the signature Tiffany blue, which is a pale color infused with aqua tones. This is one case of excellent branding, because the logo and the color are both associated heavily with the brand and with luxury in general. Tiffany blue is actually a trademark of the company. The logo is so powerfully connected to wealth that the company has a line of jewelry with the logo engraved on the charm, something that few jewelers could successfully sell.

4. Bulgari Jewelry Logo Design

Bulgari Jewelry Logo Design
This luxury jeweler uses thin, newsy lettering, but adds weight by using all capital letters. Most notably, the name is written in the style of the ancient Romans, using a ‘V’ as the letter ‘U’. This gives a feeling of the ancient and eternal, which is very appropriate for a luxury jewelry brand. The lack of color allows the logo to be used in a variety of settings and color palettes, while the relatively simple design combined with the unique Roman lettering make it memorable.

5. Bulova Logo Design

Bulova Jewelry Logo Design
This company is known more for watches than for other types of jewelry, so it is only appropriate that they use the tuning fork as a central image in the logo. Not only do most people expect an expensive watch to be a ‘finely tuned’ piece of machinery, the original Bulova watches used small tuning forks in the mechanisms to keep time. Today, the technology is more advanced, but Bulovi pays homage to their beginning with a stylized tuning fork in the logo. The writing in the logo is simple with the exception of a small triangle of negative space in the first letter.

6. Alex Jewelers Logo Design

Alex Jewelers Jewelry Logo Design
This jewelry store has more mass appeal than Cartier or other luxury brands, so they use a more graphic logo that appeals to the average jewelry shopper. The image is clearly a well-cut diamond, while the scrolling, cursive font is both feminine and traditional. Once again, plain black is used to add sophistication. Even though I think the diamond image is a little cliche and dated, I think in this case it does work well. I would have probably reduced the number of lines and made it more abstract to give it some personality.

7. Jules R. Schubot Logo Design

Jules R. Schubot Jewelry Logo Design
This well known jeweler ties its name into the chief product by using an octagonal shape appearing to be the widest face of a cut gem, but inserting other ‘cuts’ that make it also appear to be the letter S. The writing is basic and simple, much like other jewelry companies, but the last name is much larger and bolder than the other writing. Instead of black on white, this jeweler puts a twist on the color palette by using white on black.

8. Piaget Logo Design

Piaget Jewelry Logo Design
This European luxury jeweler and watchmaker uses their name as the central image of the logo along with a family crest. The connotations of tradition and old wealth are clear. Rather than a black and white color palette, Piaget uses a rich gold color that attracts attention while tying in to one of the most famous metals used in jewelry. The logo is in a generally square shape that further puts across the image of tradition and history.

9. Rolex Logo Design

Rolex Jewelry Logo Design
Wristwatches are perhaps the most often worn piece of jewelry, and Rolex is the king of watchmakers. Not only is this the number one luxury watch brand in the world, it is also the most often copied. This makes the crown a very appropriate image for this company. The writing is bold and fitting for brand royalty in all caps with substantial serifs. The logo has a calming deep blue and royal gold color, although the colors used on watches vary according to what matches the item’s design. Counterfeiters may copy the iconic designs, but Rolex lovers are so brand loyal they can often spot fakes at a distance.

10. Tag Heuer Logo Design

Tag Heuer Jewelry Logo Design
This is another watch and accessory maker that has reached luxury status. In both the image and the writing, the first name is substantially thicker and bolder than the last, emphasizing the nickname for the brand. The colors are bright and unusual for such logos; the origin of the palette is unknown, although the red and white possibly refer to the Swiss flag. The shield shape implies the history of the brand as well as strength. The arrows on the letter ‘G’ imply movement, which is appropriate for a piece of jewelry with moving parts.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.