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Most people don’t associate Sin City with logos, but there are plenty of great logo designs to look at when walking Las Vegas’ busy streets. These logos are intended to entice people planning their desert vacation and entice those looking for a new and interesting place to try their luck. Like any good logo design, these make a promise, whether it is of elegance and high-class entertainment or a traditional Wild West experience.

1. The Mirage Logo Design

The Mirage Logo Design
This logo is meant to reflect both the desert related name and the modern, fun experience that the casino offers. The primary image is that of a grove of palm trees, which are definitely reminiscent of a desert mirage. However, these trees are in modern, electric colors, showing the casino’s contemporary side. The writing is also ultra modern, and includes several wave-like shapes that imply movement. This logo design communicates key information about the casino and the type of experience that people can expect from it.

2. Mandalay Bay Logo Design

Mandalay Bay Logo Design
This casino’s logo design has the initial written in an image that resembles two ocean waves, tying in to the nautical theme of the name. The turquoise blue is both oceanic and calming, suggesting this establishment offers a more calming experience than the average casino. The wording is written in a strong font, in a metallic gold color reminiscent of wealth and money. The all capital writing combined with the underlining adds to the boldness of the image.

3. Fontainebleau Logo Design

Fontainebleau Logo Design
This casino is still a work in progress, but it is sure to be a hit with an attractive logo design, a well defined brand, and a famous sister site in Miami. This logo features an F and a B, both lower case, woven together to create a single attractive image. While this image is undeniably modern and stark, the rounded edges add a touch of friendliness. The name of the hotel written in ultra plain letters to the left contributes to the modern, stark image that the image portrays.

4. Paris Las Vegas Logo Design

Paris Las Vegas Logo Design
This logo design, and the business it represents, offer a little bit of France in the heart of an all American city. The Eiffel tower in the logo design is representative not just of France, but of the replica tower located at this casino. This has become an oft visited landmark in Las Vegas, so including it in the logo design is an excellent choice. The red and blue are that of the French flag. The writing is distinctly European and appears to be handwritten, given an artisanal touch to this attractive design.

5. Fremont Hotel & Casino Logo Design

Fremont Hotel & Casino Logo Design
The arc of this logo design suggests a carnival or other fun attraction, and the crown-like image formed behind it by dots only underscores this impression. The thick, bold letters with serifs gives the impression that this casino is well established. Again we see gold lettering, reminiscent of wealth and riches, while rich purple accents suggest royalty as well. The references to money—the reason most people visit a casino—are all over this logo design, making it an enticing image.

6. MGM Grand Logo Design

MGM Grand Logo Design
The lion is an image commonly associated with MGM’s movie logos, so it is appropriate to include it here. However, a very different lion image is used, with the creature shown walking rather than roaring, differentiating the two brands. The lion is shown striding atop a line that separates it from the establishment name. The wording is in thin letters with newsy serifs, allowing the image to have maximum impact. The gold color of the logo design implies wealth, which is a positive image when combined with the king of the jungle.

7. Excalibur Logo Design

Excalibur Logo Design
This medieval themed hotel and casino has a logo that reinforces the ‘Olde English’ image that the name implies. Writing with pointy serifs gives an old fashioned image, while the direction of the serifs subtly implies movement. The ‘x’ is long and pointed to resemble a knight’s sword as well. To the right, there is an image of a castle window with two banner-like flags waving in the wind, giving yet another subtle implication of movement. The red and blue color scheme of this logo design is decidedly traditional, adding to the theme.

8. Bellagio Logo Design

Bellagio Logo Design
The name of this hotel suggests European elegance, and the logo design promises it. A beautiful B written in a scrolling font sits behind the name of the establishment. The deep gold and black color scheme is understated and very different from the flashy logos that dominate Las Vegas, suggesting that this casino offers a very experience from the status quo. The logo design is drawn to appear three dimensional, adding to the suggestion of quality. This image is unique, yet simple enough to be recognized easily.

9. Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall Logo Design

Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall Logo Design
It has been decades since Nevada was the Wild West, but Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall and Saloon promises all the rough charm of this bygone era. The two fonts used are distinctly Western, with highly stylized and ornate lettering. The red and black are bold and sure to catch attention. The lack of an image in this logo design allows all of the emphasis to rest on the lettering, which is strong enough to stand on its own. The promise of a rougher, tougher experience than the average casino offers cannot be missed.

10. Imperial Palace Logo Design

Imperial Palace Logo Design
What could be more different from the average Las Vegas casino than an Asian-themed palace? The Imperial Palace has a distinctly Asian brand, with an image of a pagoda in the background and beveled square with the establishment’s initials in a font that is reminiscent of Chinese characters. The vermilion red color in the logo design is obviously relevant to Asia, while the gold implies the wealth that casino-goers are seeking. The name of the company is written in a font that is also Asian, although inclusive circles are used as accents to make people feel welcome at this casino.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.