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Top 10 Modern Art Logos: When you really look at it, some of the world’s most iconic logos are reminiscent of modern art. Think of the ultra-stylized Nike swoosh, for example. There are several reasons to choose a modern art logo. First, the abstract shape is less obvious than using an actual object in your image. Second, using shape, color, and other abstract elements of design can actually be more effective than a more concrete identity. Here are ten different logo designs that recall some of the many schools of modern art, each contributing a solid sense of branding to the companies that they represent.

1. Kartamira Travel Company Logo Design

Kartamira Travel Company Logo Design
The circle is a symbol of friendliness and inclusiveness, giving a safe feeling that it definitely complimentary to a travel agency. As a bonus, the circle is also the shape of the Earth, which implies that this company handles foreign travels especially. However, this circle is different, a museum quality work of art made of overlapping lines that create a sense of balance between order and chaos. Simple black and white create an uncomplicated and sophisticated color palette that is underscored by the unassuming font.

2. Dajob Career Development Center Logo Design

Dajob Career Development Center Logo Design
This company uses an abstract image to show that they are different from the average, business-like company. In this case, a stylized butterfly represents growth and transformation, with cool colors that are calming and trustworthy. The orange circle ties the image in with the text and adds a focal point to a very filmy, abstract logo design. Simple but bold writing also adds a little weight to the image.

3. London Olympics 2012 Logo Design

London Olympics 2012 Logo Design
This modern art logo design may be controversial, but this has stirred up a debate that calls yet more attention to the image and the event it represents. A bright neon color palette (several different colors are used depending on the context, but all are equally intense) draws the eye and holds it, making it more memorable. Bold shapes, jagged edges, and neon shadowing add to the modern feeling. This logo is not necessarily attractive, depending on your sense of style, but it definitely is a good example of using modern art.

4. Cubist Logo Design

London Olympics 2012 Logo Design
Cubism is perhaps one of the most famous schools of modern art. This image references the movement both in its name and in its identity. Overlapping shapes are used here, one of the hallmarks of this style. A coffee cup is given a human face—literally—which creates an approachable image that is congruent with the brand. Shades of brown are used, which ties into the product and adds to the modern feeling. A cubist logo design could be too cold for a hot beverage, but this logo is just right.

5. Rain Bows Logo Design

Rain Bows Logo Design
A logo design for a company with this name must be colorful, but using a modern art logo design, in this case, prevents being overly cliché. Instead of a bright, cheery rainbow, we have a cascade of color that resembles splashed paint. The color and the lower case lettering offsets the severity of the image, giving a balanced and attractive overall logo.

6. Sony Walkman Logo Design

Sony Walkman Logo Design
This logo is anything but new, yet it retains power due to its use of simple, modern shapes. The modern art design in the logo is a blobby representation of a W. The writing is also modern, in a unique font that has become part of the Sony Walkman brand. A colorless palette makes it easy for the brand to work in a variety of contexts. Overall, this logo represents some of the best work of modern art logos: simplicity, originality, and versatility.

7. Colorful Colorado Logo Design

Colorful Colorado Logo Design
This company and website focus on promoting the arts and crafts of the state of Colorado, so a modern art logo is an excellent and appropriate choice. In this case, the letters of the company name are layered inside each other, each in a different bright hue. This ties beautifully into the name and results in an attractive yet relevant image. This is a good example of how an identity can speak clearly about a company brand.

8. Seculier Nederland Logo Design

Seculier Nederland Logo Design
This brand uses painted lines, in this case unevenly painted lines, to create a bright, modern image. The rainbow is abstractly drawn to create the initials of the organization, with the colors arranged in a way that detracts from the rainbow image. Clean, plain writing below in a clear shade of blue adds a touch of seriousness to a whimsical image.

9. Aol Logo Design

Aol Logo Design
This software giant changed from one logo to more than sixty of them in an attempt to seem more modern and versatile in a field with more and more competition. While any logo designer or branding expert would have serious problems with this strategy, this particular result is nonetheless an attractive example of modern art logos. A variety of colors and shapes fill the image, haphazardly yet symmetrically arranged. The name of the company is placed slightly off center in a blocky, easy to read font. The period after the name gives a sense of finality and adds a touch of formality to an otherwise casual image.

10. 4 Logo Design

4 Logo Design
Again we see a cubist approach, but this time forming the business name, which in this case is a single numeral. The result is simple yet memorable, with sharp edges and bold shapes that give a feeling of substance. This brand could have been either too simple or too complicated; instead, it is as simple as the company name, hinting at the brand without outright screaming it.

As you can see, modern art logo designs come in a variety of types, and these ten examples are just the tip of the iceberg. If you think a logo such as this might be the best choice for your company, contact a logo designer today.

* Unless otherwise stated all copyrights to the top 10 logos shown above belong to their respective owners. SpellBrand has not designed any of these designs unless explicitly mentioned in the review itself.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.