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Mosaics are hot in the art world and home decoration logos right now, and they are a booming trend in logo design as well. As with any trend, this type of logo can be executed in an overly timely, here-today-gone-tomorrow style, or used to build an image that is both modern and timeless. We think these ten logo designs may be attractive and enduring enough to withstand the test of time.

1. Altria Logo Design

Altria Logo Design
This logo design was one of the first logo designs to begin this trend, and it remains an excellent example of the genre. The use of organic colors is significant, from oceanic blues to grassy greens to muted browns that all suggest Mother Nature in a subtle way. The overall square shape, as well as the repeated use within the image, gives a sense of tradition that is complimentary to the company brand. Here is another great example.

2. Khalid Bin Haider Group Logo Design

Khalid Bin Haider Group Logo Design
This mosaic logo design uses shapes very different from the previous one for a very different effect. The hexagon shape implies technology, while the triangular mosaic pieces give an impression of strength. The K created by the negative space relates directly to the name while adding a little asymmetrical interest to an otherwise very balanced image. The way the colors are grouped into families makes the image appear a little more organized than it would have seemed if the color had been haphazardly arranged.

3. Kyocera Logo Design

Kyocera Logo Design
This may be the mosaic logo you have seen the most, but it is a little different from most others. The way the mosaic is shaped into a letter K is clever. Instead of an array of colors, the color palette is a simple and eye-catching red and white. Squares and triangular shapes make up the mosaic, adding both strength and tradition to the logo. The writing is thin and has a very modern feeling, with a balance between hard edges and rounding. One of the real benefits of this logo is that it is simple enough to be easily viewable at small sizes, which is not always possible in a mosaic logo design.

4. WebMynd Logo Design

WebMynd Logo Design
This mosaic logo design features a blend of bright, fun colors making up the company initials. The mirror image way in which the letters are formed creates a diamond shape between them, adding the suggestion of value and strength. While the color palette is distinctly artistic, the writing is rounded and thin for a feeling of friendliness and inclusion. This is a well-balanced logo that will be easily recognized and identified with the brand.

5. Gartenwelt Manz Logo Design

Gartenwelt Manz Logo Design
Again we see the sense of tradition implied by the square used in both the main shape and the tiles themselves. However, this mosaic logo design combines earthy, organic tones with a few brights, creating a well-balanced design that is both grounded and visually interesting. The writing is balanced as well, with small thin letters positioned above thicker, more rounded lettering that suggests strength and unity in the same stroke.

6. Mosaic Church of the Carolina’s Logo Design

Mosaic Church of the Carolina’s Logo Design
There are many churches with the word ‘Mosaic’ in the name that also use a mosaic logo design, but this one is among the best. Rather than a collection of small shapes, the mosaic effect here is larger and in part created by the way the letters are arranged. The combination of earthy green and a sunnier, yellow tone is well balanced and definitely appropriate for a church logo design. All lower case writing is balanced by the gray, upper case letters below, implying that the church is friendly while offering serious, traditional religion at the same time.

7. Greater Montreal Logo Design

Greater Montreal Logo Design
A mosaic logo design by nature suggests very different elements coming together into an attractive and effective whole, which makes this a particularly appropriate theme for a diverse city such as Montreal. In this case, only five colors are used, making for a simpler, more recognizable image. The rounded letter M offers a sense of inclusiveness that is attractive to prospective tourists, which is complemented by the rounded writing below. The simplicity of the image makes it easy to use a tagline without making the logo appear too cluttered.

8. Dictionary of Australian Artists Online Logo Design

Dictionary of Australian Artists Online Logo Design
This website offers information on the many artists that make up the Australian art scene, which makes a mosaic logo design a very appropriate choice. Because this is a dictionary, 26 pixels were used to represent the 26 letters of the alphabet. The organization has in the past rearranged the pixels to create different pictures, showing how versatile a logo can be when designed well. The bright colors are definitely artsy, and the simple wording is in muted colors to avoid detracting from the image.

9. Airplot Logo Design

Airplot Logo Design
This mosaic logo design is a little more modern, in keeping with the brand image. Muted greens and grays are used to create a cohesive image that is undeniable simple yet undeniably modern. The angling of the logo gives a sense of movement that can be difficult to accomplish with a mosaic logo, but which is definitely relevant to the company’s brand. A notable part of this logo is the way the wording is part of the image itself, creating an interesting and memorable logo.

10. Volaris Logo Design

Volaris Logo Design
This Mexican airline uses a name that is a combination of the Spanish word volar, which means to fly, and the name of the North Star, Polaris. Because of this, the use of a star is appropriate for the company while also suggesting excellence in their field. The use of squares gives a feeling of straightforwardness that is relevant for an airline that specializes in low-cost flights, while the pastel colors are calming and suggest the twinkling of a star. All lower case lettering in a rounded font suggests friendliness, a key value in this industry. This mosaic logo design is very different from the bright, text-based images that dominate the field, which helps it differentiate its brand from the competition.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.