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How do you buy a musical instrument? In this uber-competitive industry, image reigns supreme. Because logo design is a huge part of brand image, it is easy to see why the following ten musical instrument companies have such a fanatic following.

1. Zildjian Logo Design

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As the oldest family-run business in the United States, it is only appropriate that this company use an ultra-traditional music logo design. In this case, the logo is text only, with a font that is clearly reminiscent of the company’s Turkish and Armenian roots. The wavy designs of the logo communicate movement, while the plain black color and the lack of an image virtually guarantees that this well-recognized logo will have the staying power to last another several centuries.

2. Fender Logo Design

Fender Logo Design
This is perhaps one of the most recognized logos in the music industry. The unique font appears to be a signature, while the mixture of lower case and upper case letters gives an off-beat, artistic touch. The wavy lines created by the upper case E’s again give a feeling of movement that is very important in a entertainment logo design for this industry. The red color definitely grabs attention, but the logo is just as powerful when reproduced in black or metallic tones.

3. Halo Guitars Logo Design

Halo Guitars Logo Design
This logo definitely ties into the name, with a halo crossing the ‘H’ instead of a normal line. This clever accent hints at the artistic potential of the company. The slightly different size of the two sides of the H adds visual interest while bolstering this creative image. However, the rest of the logo is ultra-conventional, with a simple black and white color palette and plain writing. The balance of the conventional and the creative makes for a well balanced logo design.

4. Steinway & Sons Logo Design

Steinway & Sons Logo Design
Tradition and quality are both key parts of the Steinway brand, which is why this logo design is so appropriate. The lyre is an ancient musical instrument that has left an enormous impact on music history, an impact shown in words such as ‘lyric’ that use the name as a root, and therefore an appropriate image for this company. The metallic gold implies quality, which is another fitting reference. The plain font is simple and elegant enough to withstand the test of time.

5. Peavey Logo Design

Peavey Logo Design
Triangular shapes are a symbol of strength, so it is likely no coincidence that this pointy logo design seems to use triangular shapes throughout the wording. However, the font is also roughly reminiscent of pop art in the seventies and eighties. The letters are nested together to fit well, making the logo compact and attractive. The slightly angled lettering gives a feeling of forward movement that is very complimentary for the music industry.

6. Gibson Logo Design

Gibson Logo Design
The Gibson logo is similar to the Peavey one in its angling, but this is where the similarity ends. This logo design features very different writing, with a gently rounded font that is friendlier to prospective buyers without any hard edges. The way the letters are not joined at places gives that all-important artistic image, while the wavy accents give a feeling of movement that was achieved in a very different way in the Peavey logo.

7. BassLab Logo Design

BassLab Logo Design
This bass guitar manufacturer includes several archetypical images in a cohesive and visually appealing way. First, we see the wavy line that communicates movement, this time in a fun, youthful gray and orange color scheme. A square shape communicates tradition and straightforwardness while also forming the background for a molecular shape that both ties into the name and suggests that superior technology goes into these products. The writing is bold and substantial, but also rounded. Altogether, this is a well rounded and memorable image that will inspire bass players to give this brand a try.

8. Gretsch Logo Design

Gretsch Logo Design
What could be more appropriate for a drum manufacturer than the image of a drum? This is the central image of this logo design, with a rounded shape that makes this otherwise angular logo seem friendlier. The G is rounded to fit neatly inside the drum set. The writing is slanted slightly and, while rounded, is extremely bold and thick, making for a substantial image. This simple image is nonetheless communicative and recognizable.

9. Rieger-Kloss Pipe Organs Logo Design

Rieger-Kloss Pipe Organs Logo Design
The image of a pipe organ dominates this logo design, leaving no questions as to what this company does for a living. This image is nestled inside a circle, with the same friendly and inclusive effect seen in the above examples. The cool grayish blue colors are calming and deep, while the font is written in a craftsman style that is distinctly old fashioned while also implying that this company puts a lot of work and care into their products. This artisan image is very appropriate for this hands-on field.

10. Pearl Logo Design

Pearl Logo Design
Pearl Drums are another product that uses a simple signature as a logo design. The name of the company is written in a scrolling, cursive font that is distinctly traditional without being stodgy. The word is underlined to give it special emphasis. Although the writing is simple, it is thick in parts for a bold image. The serifs are curved in a manner that is distinctively artistic and even feminine. Although drums are generally regarded as a loud and brash instrument, this gentle, graceful logo implies that there is more to this brand than meets the eye.
As you can see, musical instrument logos follow a few rules. Generally, text-only images are more acceptable in this field, as is the lack of an expressive and eye-catching color palette. The logos are carefully crafted to give both a feeling of movement and a sense of tradition in the same simple image. Because these logos are so successful at presenting their brand, it is worth the time to study what exactly makes them work. A qualified logo designer can create a logo for your company that has the same power and emotional appeal.
Mash Bonigala

Mash B. is the Founder & Creative Director of Logo Design Works. Since 1998, Mash has helped thousands of businesses express their brand messages through creative and award winning logo designs.